So I got lee from Depot

I got lee on sale in depot. I’m 70k into magna. I want them both. Luckily I had the multi tools and sleeping bags already. Prolly enough to tier 3 him at least. I put him on a team with Ryker, Zander, Carl as lead, Kapoor and he’s awesome. Ppl are sleeping on Lee. I already love him. His upgrades will be a long time cause I have Rick, Jessie, Priya, Michonne and Camilla plus Miora. Lol. I got him for 240k though. Couldn’t pass that up. . But he’s great in rm and sr already.


Cool story bro


Yeah with his stun, he’s truly magnificent if you got Ryker too. I enjoyed playing him.

I just got Magna and Lee recently, already tiered 3 Magna and she’s awesome


I just got Lee to t4 this morning. Waiting for mod removal event before I try him on a team

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Shoulda kept saving for the platinum mods. They wont be useless anytime soon


In gonna start saving for them now. I had to do Lee first cuz it kills me to have unleveled toons in my roster

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