So I found this word dnd app

Hey em so I found this app it’s like dnd except instead of a massive board it’s chatbased
It’s runs on your phone and you can make any campaign
So here’s what I’m. Gonna do I’m gonna create this campaign on it called “TBD” (you get to decide that part the title will be the title that gets the most likes by 6pm UK time tommorow)
But heres the summary of what your being dropped into "the evil overlord wartus driver has taken over your kingdom known as Fort gator which was ruled by the most worthiest of gods king gator himself with his army’s wiped out king gator has entrusted you in taking back Fort gator and saving his queen Caroline who has been kidnapped also (an inconvenient cliche which just had to happen) do you have what it takes to purge this evil once and for all)
I hope this is a cool idea and I’m going to be creating community server for this app I’m just learning the rains currently as im going to be gm
But Im going to also leave a cod below to help you understand how this works

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no thanks!