So i canceled my survivor club subscription

Until today, I was a SC member and wasn’t too unhappy with it. But it seems there are less and less benefits from this.
You pretty much get comics and cool stuff for the museum But only once a month, a few rare exclusive sales in the shop and bits and pieces here and there that aren’t really interesting.
There would not need to be a lot of benefits but, If we could a least trade comics against anything interesting, things would be different. Ie a few week ago there was a S card box to buy for 50 comics if my memory doesn’t fail me, and that was pretty interesting but now appart from energy and lilith…
@WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron You can’t seriously expect people to pay 27$ a month for peanuts…


I am canceling mine as well, the amount doesnt equal the benefits & since I cant transfer but “special” people can, this told me my money is no good to them. So thank you scopely for allowing me to stop spending money here.


Smart decision :sunglasses::smirk:


Love these posts. Don’t think it was ever worth it. Not for that amount of money.


Well, never been a sc member but i kinda do think it’s quite the opposite, they start to actually put in some stuff that makes it a bit more worth it? But yeah, overall, it’s just pointless considering there aren’t even sc exclusive toons

Finally if enough stop buying it maybe they will update it. Pretty worthless now

I just bought it today

I’d say it’s real value is in the armory. Kinda hard to craft with how scarce 4* parts are compared to 5* parts (non-craft success ones)

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Yes I’m thinking of cancelling my subscription too…I cancelled my second account and it’s been easy playing for free…of course you can’t play at the highest level without the resources…

But at least you aren’t paying a substantial monthly charge for the illusion of greatness…scopely could offer far more and entice real investment but they’re stuck on the old profit model as everyone is herded into this mentality to play the game…

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The ultimate question… am I getting my money’s worth? I am paying $24.99 USD for:

  • 28 to 31 Premier Recruits pulls (mostly 4-stars, very few 5-star, only one ascendable) (Based off the 40 pull for 8200 coins, that’s 205 coins per pull. So I’m getting 6355 coins “worth” of pulls a month.
  • +500 character cap (which was made redundant with trainers moving to Inventory)
  • Doubled food/material production (Food is a nah, but the material is nice)
  • Unlimited team cap (which I “may” be benefiting from actively. I do not know what the cap is for me currently)
  • No parts required for Armory (which I totally forgot but actively used. I have TOO MANY unused parts in Inventory and I just remembered why)
  • Various bonus free offers during events
  • A daily 4 Gold Bars for the periodic free S-Class toon.
  • Other things that I cannot remember…

So is it worth it in general? I don’t know. I’m the wrong person to ask. I’m a spender on offers vs coins, so someone else use the info I presented.

I definitely do thing SC needs some reform. At this moment, I do think Battle Pass is more worth its $19.99 a SEASON than SC’s per month.

Daily pulls should stack unlimited, best pull Ryker :pensive:
All timers should be reduced
Daily coin should be included
Better comic offers
Plus anything others can think of
Crafting totally free or guaranteed crit


I have eyeballed joining survivor club since it came out. They never did make it seem good enough for me to drop 300$ a year.

Now that events are asking for additional buys of 20$ or more to complete, I will never buy it. Total cost per month between SC and stuff like the battle pass keys average out to more than I pay for my phone, which is what I have to play on LOL

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