So, how's Road To Survival?

Haven’t checked in for a while, how was the princess Event?


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You better not knowing and run when you still can…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::cry::scream::crazy_face::face_vomiting::skull:


Awesome if you grounded away for days on arenas at the start and paced yourself with tickets. Also if you stockpiled everything to blitz at least three level ups.

If not, it was a good opportunity to moan that it wasn’t a f2p event.

Just waiting for the cards to be released so I can s class her.

I just got one and fucked off. Im not finna work my ass off when Im about to get pete.

Im gonna keep his bonus hp until I find it is useless and gamble for stun gun(I haven’t got back to that experimentation)

I ended the event with more tickets than I started with, although it was a longish event and I spent around 15-20 overall. I think I hit 33K hats.

61&66 bears in two regions a week before the end, was pretty thankful it was a more laid back event with Christmas and New Years, was definitely needed for me.

I did get close to pete thanks for the 1k s class collectibles thing. Im at 10399 keys for him. I can’t wait to get him.

That was probably the worst part of the event, really bad value on the velvet cakes.


Is there a ban appeal for your discord?

I got that 1k collectables with 1k cakes since I had 3k saved up since I never have any of the toons so what the hell mind as well use them when i can and it helped me get sclass aarav

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Exactly a bunch of ftp will go their rts grave with tons of cake doing nothing instead of using them.

Didnt even participate past the first ten bears for the first princess I I basically got for just logging in. Were they grindable, yes but I’m glad I didnt waste my precious days of life for scraps. Once it was like double level up for a single bear I skipped entirely. Saved hours and prob at the exact same place eveyone else is

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they have a new furry character coming out soon named Mickiy

Pics? Show me.

I hit 100bears ftp except I had some letters still in my inbox from previous event.

Also got the 1k collection… I just hope they start putting princess cards in cake boxes soon…

Be a month or so before princess is

over 2k worth red cakes only used them 2 times…

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