So how's everyone new attack teams looking like


Since 6* came out you would of had to change your teams considerably. So let’s see some new attack teams people have been using.


Mira, Ty, Ty, Ty, Ty is the answer


I use this, it works ok



I’m running: Doc Stevens, Zeke, Shiva, Mira, Ty. Seems to work pretty well. Once I get my yumi up to T3 I might switch to Mira, Ty, Yumi, shiva and Zeke (Seems like a waste to not have Abe in there with a mira lead but not sure how to include him over shiva and zeke).


Abe sucks, you’re better off with a nice 5* range over Abe on attack.

I have a melee, rainbow and range attackers and TBH I think 5* Abe works better than the 6*, especially since Dwight has crit lead for a 6* soon


I have Abe on my defence team but I agree on attack he doesn’t really serve a purpose.


I play in 3 regions but my attk teams for my 2 main regions are like:

1st region:
Main: Mira lead, sr zeke, ty, abe, blue command morgan (kills any team only time I use is if abs df or stun probs too much)

2nd attk team: Carl lead, zeke, yellow Eugene, sr zeke and Shield Lee ( sometimes I take out zeke for shield michonne and use a shield alteration attk, works on most teams)

2nd region:
Team for Mira/ranged teams :
Mira lead, shiva, ty, Kate, blue command morgan ( beats almost every team I attk )

Teams for Carl/melee lead :
Mira lead, shiva, command heath, Monica, neutralize Bruce

Doc Stevens lead, shiva, command heath, miraboobs, negan/yumiko ( can beat almost every team but I didn’t use it much last region war)


Usually samurai Jesus lead, Carl, Shiva, barker, zeke.


Kinda seems overkill to go in with Carl on attack


It is overkill, but it also is a nice and easy / lazy way to play. We war for speed so Carl isn’t the best on attack for that, but if you just need to make sure you win 5 alive, a Carl lead is almost unbeatable on attack if you have good support.

With stun weapons and Shiva, you can pretty much auto-attack 90% of teams.

Even vs. the top tier teams, I will manually attack round 1 and 2 (to ensure buff/stun is done in the right order) then auto attack the final 2 rounds


Edit: didn’t see SR Z


Mira, Mira, Ty, Jose, Siddiq


6 Miraboobs, 6 Tyreese, Priya, 6 Abe, shiel michonne loving it


I’m thinking about running this team if I can ever get the watches to upgrade yumi and siddiq. How are you finding it?


This seems to be a heavy use team right now, with the lack of a Rainbow leader, this set up seems to be the optimal for speed

Once you get Shiva to Active Skill 5, this team kills almost everything easily.

The only team it can fail against is an 8% AP based Carl team with perfect weapons. Even then it only fails if RNG goes bad


Mirabelle, Alpha, Ty, Hershel, Shiva

Mira and Hershel with stun
Alpha with dwight rifle (double attack + collateral 2 is amazing)
Ty with Impair
Shiva with Stun


I have two attack teams:

Against Carl teams - Mirab, 5* Glenn (Def debuff), SR Zeke, 6* Shiva, Siddiq (Command - will replace him with green Glenn command once hes out)

Against Mirab teams - 6* Barker, 6* Yvette, Priya, Tyrese, Siddiq


My main attack team is.
Carl lead. Stun sword
SR ezekiel. Buff is awesome.
6* Guardian Ezekiel. Crit weapon
6* Miraboobs. Stun gun
Hardly ever loses.


Mirabelle with stun lead
Mirabelle with stun
Siddiq with Impair
Ty with attackdown
Ty with attackdown


use this for everything -30ap 1 stun on def 2 stun on atk another one coming up soon.