So how was it for you

just got last crossbones…did scores in lv up i didnt think was possible. Got Piper. Have trainers coming out my ass. To me was best event yet. My opinion. Didnt get any coins…but damn rewards were worth it in the long run.


Same. Just got her. Haven’t got coins yet but was able to run the supreme crates 9 times. Sick event even if I never use piper.

Added bonus is she comes as a six star. I’m so short on medals.

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what was not to like…i have a mini account and those trainers for using free stuff were great too.

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I got Piper too! Along with 3 coins 3 sets of mods and a crap ton of trainers. I like that the toon wasn’t the only good thing in this event. Piper won’t replace my sandy but I always like having more toons.

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Best event, no. But thats my opinion. The trainers are insane tho and I’ve t3 and t4 so many toons im at 8 mil in fac level up and will get like 3 mil in solos for weeks which is amazing, would love 20k coins and to pull someone like zach or dr stevens but i cant stand the lowered odds and so far no coins for me :sob: also i will be like 18 bandages short of getting the 300 milestones bone which puts me a bone short of getting piper but i have no use for her personally so its whatever. Overall good event but nothing tops Michelle imo or even the sandy/bruce event


RI8…it was a nice event.

this runs it close…so many didtnt like mich/Bruce either…but in all a thumbs up.

Yea this is def on the top of events for sure

pay that few…lol

I can do a few and get the extra 18 i need for piper or i can get more bags/crates lol no piper for me lol

lol…tight ass


Didn’t go for piper and saved me a lot of hours doing other things in life, she’s already outdated :joy:

lol…wasnt just about her

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Those bags and crates are amazing lol never had so many trainers and i wont use piper so bags it is, unless a good coin offer pops up then i might do it but again i have to run gov roadmap and that will make it so i cant use a bone for bags/crates, unless i get bones from those bags

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Reward were not piper…its was the rest.

As someone who sucks ass at lv up…ill take it. As a event it helped me.


Talk to some og players they’ll teach you how to store food and cook toons for lvl up I’m pretty sure they even have a chart for it. But free is always good too, especially if you grind for it. :+1:t3:

lol…ok thanks…us noobs need people like you.


So weird though. Everyone i know who got coins got them three times. The rest of us suckers got shafted

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Pre determined rng like with mods perhaps? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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