So how many of ascendance medals do you have?

Just curious :slight_smile:

3 millons too

No balance :rofl:


Double that been buying crates from depot everyday since they came out

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I need gear and I’m not paying for it

Tons of medals but no gear so not point in using them.



I’m ascending 2 toons soon but don’t currently have the gear to max them. I slowly get by with the league store.

If that’s how it’s going to be with this trend of no more gear museum events they should either reduce gear costs on 6 star gear or give us more to compensate for this new direction.


Maybe a 1 million worth of ascendance and like 800 legendary medals if that :angry:

Not that it matters bc even if I had 10 million ascendancy medals and 1 million legendary medals it wouldn’t help me, since

  • (A) There’s a disgusting stranglehold on Gear so they’d all be stuck at tier 1


  • (B) No toons worth using them on, still got crappy gen1 toons that aren’t worth wasting gear on.
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I just ascended about 8 5*s within the last week. The only gear issues I’ve had are with the talkies and school bags. Other than that I’ve been good with what I get from gear maps and league store.

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Screenshot_20190323-223641 A pretty good amount. I don’t ascend characters too often because of the current gear situation.


I used some a couple hours ago to acend Regina and Eric


Time for scopley to put out for ya boy. :joy:




This does not surprise me at all lol

I have over 3m of the ascendance medals too but I’m always waiting and looking for more of the legendary ones

without the gear why bother

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But the gear strangle is real :frowning:

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Not sure but it doesn’t matter anymore, I just sold all my toon in depot for +200k supplies points a few hours ago . after doing 40 pulls for Martinez and get 40 4* ,
This company is a complete joke , all they care about is money
Well keep it up scopley your doing such a nice job in milking players , I am glad I am finally free from your cancer.