So how is your day today so far? :)


:slight_smile: (I’m bored so i just made this for fun)


I’ve been worse. And you?


Its been okay, I got the 250k points for the level up.


Same here. YGL finishes in a few hours, and I’ll be done for this one.


Bored, mostly uneventful day. Just been farming ingame to kill time IRL.


Mines good if you’re interested, missus went in for surgery this morning (12;30pm lunch time) so I’m home looking after the kids for 3 weeks…


I didn’t not use YGL because I’m not done gold mission :confused:
( I’m f2p too lol) so it was a pain to get that much lol


Cool! :slight_smile:


I’m sure. Lol

I’m MOSTLY f2p. Just play way too much…


Same, My roster is crazy lol it looks like I payed a lot lol


Yep. Five 6* now, looking like a baller, playing on a budget.


Dam! I need more fodder lol



lol nice meme :slight_smile:


So long.

It feels like the end of the week by it’s only Wednesday. :,(

That being said, with going to Canada it feels like a long two week work week!


It’s okay Kalishane, some days are faster and some days are slow lol
I live in Canada! :smiley:


Super! I live in Japan so it is the middle of the workday, and I’m on lunch! Gonna get some ramen…


That’s cool, Enjoy your meal!


It’s probably been an extra long week keeping those Decatur posters in line.

They are an unruly bunch.