So how is your day going?

  1. Hows your day going?

  2. What did you do?

  3. What are your plans tomorrow?

  1. Quiet and icy outside.

  2. Stayed inside away from the ice.

  3. Get snow tires.


Working… wish i was hunting…

Day is going good almost over.

Work tomorrow lol

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  • pretty crappy. People suck.
  • dealt with Spectre/Meltdown issues all day
  • deal with Spectre/Meltdown issues all day and then go home and deal with the cable company tech who’s going to not help us at all.



More. Meh working.


Work, wishing I wasn’t at work.

Work again, wishing I wasn’t at work. :see_no_evil:

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  1. My day is pretty much over

  2. I bought a scarf, some food, had a haircut and looked the forums hoping for some great news (how naive of me)

  3. I am going to continue my self-studies, so I can get a job at Scopely as a UX/UI designer and improve this game, then get praised by gamers for doing something GREAT!! (for the first time ever, there will be a designer at Scopely with a brain!! Yay!!)

I had a decent day at work. Tomorrow starts my weekend so I’m having some drinks and reading up on the forum. Things have seemed pretty nice here today. There’s been some back and forth debate I see but I haven’t noticed a single community member flagging each other like madmen.

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Thanks for asking btw :slight_smile:

  1. Pretty good.
  2. Fixed a longstanding bug at work.
  3. IHOP for lunch, because I can!
  1. Sleepless at 02:14 am. :cry: Should have been over hours ago.

  2. Took care of business, then home; did laundry, cooked, cleaned, baked a banana loaf, caught up on the forums.

  3. Wishing I was on a sunny paradise island and on the beach, swinging in a hammock suspended between two coconut palms. Reality? Boring stuff like point #2.

I hope everyone else has a great day tomorrow! :slight_smile:

  1. Day was pretty decent and quiet.

  2. I mostly just relaxed and went on forums and YT. Lol

  3. Tomorrow hopefully I will have a good day. I want to start writing a novel but it’s just too hard with all the rules. Creative Writing class starts next week so hopefully the Professor is awesome and gives us some tips.


Banana loaf?! Sounds cool and tasty!!

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Ooooo share any tips, please and thanks

Flagged for too much positivity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Show/Not tell in your stories. Lol

Furious by that fact that her boss gave the promotion to another employee, Gwen pounded her soft fists down on her neatly organized deck which caused others in the room to react. “Excuse me Mrs. Gwen… Is everything alright?” “Does it look like everything is alright? I just lost my promotion to some noob for Christ sake!” She rosed out her chair with her fists still clutched together and strudded towards the office of her boss. Sweat danced on her face like a cold rainy day and her hair swayed in the atmosphere. With hands of fury, she opened the door to see her boss with a cigar he had saved the other day. It was halfway smoked out and smelled of a vanilla chocolate flavor. “Hello Gwen… How may I assist you and why are you so uptight today?” Gwen was a red tomato. Her faced red and blood began to boil as she stir in the face of the man who ripped her off. She felt like all of her work was for nothing. She had worked for him for more than six years now so there was no reason why her promotion went to someone else. “Why did you give my promotion to the new guy? This is some bs!” Mr. Magoo chuckled as he placed the cigar in his mouth and took a puff.

To be continued lol. I’m just a beginner so this might have not Been to good, but I’ll get better. This was just an example of show not tell.

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  1. Not really sure.
  2. School.
  3. School.
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  1. Average
  2. Work. Getting my haircut
  3. Work. Staff party :sunglasses:
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Days going good today…

Got lots of likes on the forum… work day is over half way done.

Whiskey waitin for me at home as well as mah amazing wife n fam.