So how is CRW going? *Poll*

This is a multi answer poll. Select the options you find most relevant. Comment down below what you think about crw

  • I hate that there’s 8 regions partaking.
  • My faction is not motivated to compete.
  • It’s going good so far
  • My faction is enjoying it
  • Prizes are not good enough
  • Prizes are good
  • Milestones is better than rewards

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gear tokens got me 7m worth of food XD!

215 Factions playing and we still can’t get fair matchups. It’s either a blowout or an impossible fight. How is this possible?

Fix your matchmaking and never match 8 regions again. Four should be the max and for the love of God match them to the time they were created. A one-year-old region can’t compete with a two year old one. You are killing the only fun thing left to do in the game.

The milestones are very nice but the rank rewards make no sense. Essentially 26-1000 get the same exact thing minus the number of tokens. Why? As soon as I get 100k I’m done because I can finish last and still get a GPS or canteen. You took the motivation to fight for a better bracket with these silly rewards.


Once again we are matched against a region where their faction reps are 2.5 times greater than ours. That’s some damn fine matchmaking.

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Itd be going better if we werent going against a faction of Russian cheaters.

All P10-11 with multiple Erikas, all T4 toons, all perfect weapons.



Oh… and they also somehow have 5 more wars than anyone else in the 8 regions.

Agreed, 8 are too much. If they are worried about some of these regions not having enough active accounts to compete without sticking them with 7 more that may have that same issue, maybe just maybe merge these regions already. The matchmaking is downright awful still and at this point, its tedious.


So far pretty good I’m in Schley and we’re up against Rockdale, Webster, Stewart, Choctaw, Barbour, Towns, and Hancock. The Turkish regions (Towns and Hancock) are super inactive and Barbour is as well but I’m enjoying it so far. But yeah the milestones are tons better than the rewards

Complete crap

Quality work there, Lou. Pancakes all around.

Shit. No can drops again

Been at this every game since start of the war, had one can drop… bullshit scopely! Can’t even get any decent offers up

Sort it out

4 regions was fine. 8 regions is way too much you can clearly see they try to milk players with 8 no1 factions fighting againts each other. My faction is cruising to top 6 only the crate with gps is interesting, 5* tokens and trainers you can get those in weak and boring weekly tournaments so not participating in this coin fest

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I’ve been ghosting towers and up 7 cans so far

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I personally can’t wait for this to end and forget crw ever existed. I’d gladly swap crw for individual war if I could


I’m all about blitz wars that’s my jam. Wait time for sign ups is minimal even during ghost hours and matches are shorter and more fun


Getting drops every war. Up 15 cans or so.

Not every war will be a win for you. We get slaughtered too, slaughter some and have hour long wars. It happens.

Every time I touch a button in the war interface of the game, I have to wait 30 seconds.

Touch tower when match starts.
Touch attack button.
Wait 30 seconds.
Select attack team.
Touch attack button.
Wait 30 seconds.
Miss tower.
Press apply defence button.
Wait 30 seconds.
Select team.
Press apply button.
Wait 30 seconds.
Team applied.
Highlight enemy general.
Touch attack button.
Wait 30 seconds.
Select attack team.
Touch attack button.
Wait 30 seconds.
RNG hates me for some reason.
Highlight other Gen.
Touch attack button.
Wait 30 seconds.
“You must repair your camp first”
Touch button to make message go away.
Wait 30 seconds.
Camp health bar shows 50%.
Highlight camp.
Still shows 50% health.
Touch gen.
Touch attack button.
Wait 30 seconds.
“You must repair your camp first”
Touch “okay” button.
Wait 30 seconds.
Health now empty.

Seriously. This is shit.


yeah nothing worse than war starting and you go for a tower and the shit gets stuck loading for 30-40 secs. Very annoying

I know you have, but have you restarted the game, device, dropped and reconnected wifi and restarting your modem?