So how good do you think 6* gator going to be? lol [poll]

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He’ll be a Human Shield with 2k hp 2k def and 1k atk :sunglasses: 100% legit :smiley:


I hope lol
He must be a human shield!

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Been telling my faction to hold onto him, expecting him to be great. Human Shield was my first thought too.

I hope he is. It would make him super cool!

I don’t have him, but doesn’t he use Camouflage? Human Shield seems like it would keep “the spirit of the character” that we were told would happen (that doesn’t always happen).

Yes, he does have camouflage.

I thought so. So either he or Camochonne would have a natural progression to HS, but with Michonne being so common, my best bet would be Gator.

I got both :slight_smile: 2 camochonne and 1 Gator

Never thought I would type this sentence. Ever.

“I need to Ascend a 4* to try for Gator.”

Feels dirty just typing it…

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That’s funny lol

He always been one of my favorite toon =)

Bumpie :slight_smile:

I hope he is good lol

It would be hilarious if he was a 6* shield. So many regrets for using him as Ascendance fodder.

probably be mediocre if hes being released fairly soon. none of these 6s thus far had me saying that i needed to have these cards in my lineup.

edit: scratch that. forgot about shiva. thats a nice card right there. doesnt change my outlook on gator though. could be wrong which would be a surprise for sure.

I know right lol

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I dont think he’ll be a 6* shield, but maybe he is a medic that gives a buff. Camo for active skill and maybe a leader skill that gives all melee 40 attack and 40 defense

He’ll be the same ole Gator, but the only difference is he’ll be a crit leader with 36 crit for all, 300 damage adjacent, and camouflage for three turns, and active skill stun up to three enemies for two turns. That’s my guess.


^ thats probably the most accurate assessment right there. nice one.

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