So, how do you think Scopely will botch Maggie and Hershel?

Hershal to decapitate one of own teammates…

Balls up 1st fast maggie stealing her revive so might add revive to this one for laugh…

Anything like romanov an will lead to unstoppable teams being created… unstoppable like diahrea after eating dodgy food that is

dont care, dont play

Herschel will have a 650% damage AR with decapitate except when you kill an enemy, he decaps one of your characters.

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He will have recap, ability to revive decapped enemies

Plot twist: This character doesn’t have an AR.

lmao rng survival kind of like the revival axe things are getting interesting!

Bugged?:thinking:…hershells revives one team mate with 10%hp
But because he is below 20%hp ends up executing him straight after being revived🤦

Sure, but the revive will only happen if there is no character that has been incapacitated, otherwise the RNG will reroll for something far less useful.

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Yeah, it will reroll to heal all teamate with 1% of their max hp for 3 turns

I like everyone’s guesses but the one thing we can be absolutely sure of is that they with both suck. :smirk:


Not to be taken personally :grinning: :v: the only one dumb here is you for thinking Specialist skills are going to be changed now, happened only at the start of 6star era

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