So, how do you think Scopely will botch Maggie and Hershel?

I’m willing to bet Maggie will keep her command but her AR will make her only heal herself for 70% HP

Hershel will probably become like 5 star Siddiq, who revives and heals a lot but at a very slow AR, his specialist will also likely be made some dumb shit like Hold The Line


Maggie will be a RNG 20% chance to heal the opinion 80% to deal 100% damage plus 666 bleed

Hershel will’s ar will only work on Yellow


Hershel will be 125% damage to one enemy and revive one with 10% hp. Most likely will keep his execution


Hershel with have a 0,01% chance of dealing 5000% damage, otherwise 150% damage, and have 5% chance of reviving one for 10% hp(20% chance to revive with 30% )


I think Maggie keeps her command but her damage gets drastically reduced to like 400% plus something like a taunt for one turn and her bonus hp gets moved to be her active skill

Hershel keeps his execution does 300% damage to a line and his revive is his active skill

Not what I want by any means but the legacies have been garbage lately

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Common guys think harder.They will be bugged.:smiley:

both hershel and maggie will be dual specialiat toons

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Im hoping maggie is some sort of debuff/buff supporter with command. Dont know about hersh.

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A yellow command will always be useful no matter how bad her rush or As is

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Maggie will probably keep her command. I never found her really interesting so we’ll see if they can improve her in any way… Nik is quite popular so we’ll see if they make Maggie a 2.0 or go in another direction to keep selling Nik.

Hershel is more concerning. There are already quite a few green healers/revive, not sure how they’ll make him original. I don’t believe in an hold the line spec. tho. It would be another Solange. A possibility would be a mix between Solange and Ivanova. Revive guardian. Ivanova is the only green guardian and has never been really good so there is room for a good gen 2 toon…

My boy Kal has something to say about this lol his taunt is amazing control that i still use on my melee team today

Oh yeah, he’s so outdated I always forget about him. I feel like green are the toons where guardian has been the less well-thought.

Maggie 60% chance to heal her allies for 40%, 40% chance to heal her enemies by 60% lol

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I’m scared to think how bad they could make them☹️

i hve feeling scopley will make both of them very good 6* ,

Olivia is a Guardian as well

Taking Maggie’s Command away will be a good start to messing them up

i will not mind if they take command and give her a good def means she will able to rush in def. if she will not command imo

Shield Lee’s on there too.

Probably rng on the rushes/actives

It’ll have the same odds of landing the premier character. So if your rush procs positive it defeats the entire team if it procs negative it acts like the garbage half of yellow earls rush