So how deos WOC work

So I’ve seen the name of my faction in the top 100 fac of rts list gb announced a few days ago .
And to be honest I don’t have any idea of how we could participate in Woc and how the qualification work .
And is there any benefits to participate in woc for us as a factions (except the useless avatar)
Is there any special rewards (toon , weapon, collection or anything else ) .
What if we don’t qualify for t2 does that mean we’re stuck and we can’t play CRW …
What if we don’t want to participate in woc…

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Is your faction in a 1a region? If not you won’t be going to WoC. Top 40 scores from the qualifying period that are in a 1a region will gain entry to WoC. One weekend while everyone else is having CRW they will open a special region just for the qualified factions and they will basically have a big AOW to slug it out for best faction.

Last WoC the top placing 2 (or 3 can’t remember, wasn’t there, didn’t really care) got an exclusive toon, Lily, strong disarmer. Exclusive for about a month before they put her in the premier wheel but they said they would when they announced the rewards. Overall rewards in WoC are supposed to be higher than in a CRW for everyone involved.

If your faction were to qualify it doesn’t mean you have to go. You can skip it and not join that region for the week.

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