So how about mild spenders

Now that earl was released for leagues and Pete for museum, what about the new Survivors Club toon?


Dont think it can keep up with S class toons at this point the SC toon needs to be double specialist, S class, etc or something


Why are people still wasting REAL money in this game? Seriously. It’s WASTE. Gotta ask the whales from the 5* era, people who paid more than $1000 during that era must be the most pissed of all and most of them left the game.


raises hand

I’m still here, though. Damn those addictive mechanics!!!

I’ve actually single pulled several promo toons. I came at the end of the 5* era, started when the duane event was going on. I actually pulled duane with his pistol lol. Also single pulled lightning reflef eugene at the time as well

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