So how about a 5* wheel update 🥺

Pleaseeeeeee with a cherry on top :pleading_face:


Well since you asked nicely…


How about a dedicated 5-star ascendable wheel so we can actually care about earning tokens towards a pull again.


This would also replace the war stash and make rewards usable beyond one week… but scopely has been trying to force players to pay or become irrelevant this year, so I don’t see this happening

I like that idea, I also like to think that it will be 99% for Winter Richard, just like the current 5* wheel.


It won’t because it would please the players. They frown upon that over there. Our misery and anger is what keeps them happy.

I know they will never use 5-star tokens for this because some people have banked over a million so just come up with a new token for the wheel and ditch these horrible war stashes filled with useless crap.


I’m glad the last crate wasn’t very good, because they never had the war tokens available for coins.

Which then begs the question why have the stash go 4 deep if you aren’t even going to try and sell the necessary tokens in the first place.

Oh yes, this goes back to my theory that nothing is actually planned out over there just released half-baked and broken.

The fact that they make profit of any kind is no doubt a bonafide miracle and a testament to the fact that people will waste money on anything.


This is true, just look at this as an example


Be honest. Did you just buy that for @GHOSTONMETOAST ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wish I had that kind of money.

Yes plese! But 5* whell needs a update too…I have almost everyone from there.I want new rare 5* characters like Kay or priya.

Still haven’t pulled alpha so tht wheel is irrelevant to me.

So if i ask nicely i can get anything?

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Pretty much lol

Yes it does by what really needs an update is the GOD DAMN PRESTIGE WHEEL!


I would love that but the odds are less likely :confused:

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Anything you wish for.

I think the 5* wheel was introduced in the game about a year after the game launched (not 100% sure as I wasn’t playing then just heard it was the case) so with ascendance being about a year and a half why not a 5* ascendable wheel as suggested earlier in this thread. That would make sense. Obviously it would be a lot harder to get a pull on it. I remember how difficult it was for 5* tokens in a mid tier faction before ascendance… took atleast 2 months to get a pull

As long as Kenny stays, Ive been trying to get that fuck even before he was ascendable -_-

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