So hinas pole or Sergio's shottie

What did you take? I was thinking Sergio’s but now I’m kind of liking hinas pole for laopo.

Sergios shotgun has amazing potential to be a killer for someone like Tyreese lets say. Turn 1 you get 20% attack for 2 turns and 20% ap, 4th slot gives you 5% attack per 10 ap so that is now 30% attack turn 1, attack and with a huge bonus lead and huge bonus weapon that is another 20% attack, turn 2 attack and that is another 20% attack, command to rush and that is 70% attack, plus lets say he has 40% attack on the weapon and 50% attack from Priya. A blue toon like Tyreese with all that and his rush could wipe out a Pete or someone, not to mention buffing him with lets say Alice or doing a defense down with Diego, that shotgun is actually pretty good tbh, while something like double attack, impair with elusive would be better, that guns badass.

Sergio ls shotty comes with a l4 special
Change the other l 4 for something like crit atks spread to other targets for a 150% add huge ap and 5 more atk and its good
Hinass is a lot of work doe

People actually went for these? lol

I took Sergio’s Shottie, I didn’t think that Hina’s pole would do anything for me, I have green weapons I am happy with anyway, and I use Blue Andrea as my lead, so I have a blue toon that i use extensively that I could drop the weapon onto straight away.

Thats what i based my choice on.

Where was this?

It was the 5 star weapon crafting mission - 14 days to craft 4 5 star weapons and then get a choice between Hina’s Pole or Sergio Shot gun

The majority of players dont get this guns but the missions is too crazy and they cant pit routes and events to get the armory tokens.

In fairness you are right - i got it done by accident really, the key was to not research any of the new items, and only use tokens to upgrade form 4 to 5. I also had a good raid Tourney where I picked up some extra tokens, and I also completed the Wayland map. I think I also pick-up some tokens in the Survival road? Cannot remember that one sorry.

Pick two toons barely anyone has and give away their weapons lol

Bro it’s not like you have to give them to Hina or Sergio a weapon is interchangeable what the hell does the toon have anything to do with it


Bruh, it’s not like most people are going to get either weapon bruh

Bruh looks like your wrong bruh


Congrats bro, gold star

I’m f2p I got it but that’s because I save raid cans for awhile since prizes suck anymore

I didnt none

How did you get Leon’s blade weapon?

Kind of obvious paid.

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I’m asking because I remember him having a negative 28k coin balance.

I know a lot of people in my faction claimed it got 0ed. They were big spenders so it was smart for them to di.