So here's the total stats of a All S class team

Raulito,Laopo, Henguyen, Priya, And Pete.
I have added them all together and that’s… 61,476 STATS IN TOTAL! (Normal maxed and than double maxed with vet rings.) A all maxed out S class team without mods is 61,476 (Now lets add mods. Crit is left out)

650 x 5 =3,250

61,476+ 3,250 is.=64,726! Hp, atk, and def mods. As for me. That’s ■■■■■■■ OP. I can already see a whale in another region with a full maxed S class team. (They probably wasted a whole house mortgage or car rent on it)
With pete you’d be unstoppable with bonus hp. Priya would fuck some shit up. Raulito can put crosshairs and get people marked for Decap. Laopo and henguyen could do some shit.

As for short readers who dont got team here’s the stats

61,476 (Without mods)
64,726 (With Mods) So this would be S15 Or S20. Maybe S30! This shit is OP. (I’m guessing Duplicating s class isn’t possible cause there hasn’t been any sight of a player encounter one guy with 5 of the same s class. (Guessing vk can’t do this) So that’s good.


The game is near the end my friend…89fd4fad-f787-4a83-9dca-da626b68d7dc




Been saying that for 3 years now…


Game will never end when we keep feeding them pancakes!




Weapon modifications come out
Players: the sky is falling the sky is falling

Six stars come out
Players: the sky is falling the sky is falling

Mods come out
Players: the sky is falling the sky is falling

Starting to see a pattern here… It was 3 1/2 years ago when they introduced the armory. When people first started saying the game was dead. S class is just another hurdle that everybody will overcome.

The sky is not falling in the game is not dying


Is scopely ever gonna bring 5 star weapons out (Theres engine grease and Varnish just sitting there unused)

That will be another instance of the sky falling. People will be coming unhinged and unglued over nothing.

I agree people have thought other things would kill the game and haven’t but all of those things led to people quitting. Before there was a reasonable influx of people but I think we are nearing the limit.

Most people who were going to give this game a serious go have done and the negative press have probably pushed away the rest. The game may not die but it’s going to get pretty quiet soon.


Im just posting this cause S class is op as hell. You can pretty much sweep through premier teams like nothing. Anyway (It’s about to be lunch period)

Game is dying activity in my 2 regions is way down

U sound like your still arguing with Carl

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Carl and I get along famously now

I’m sure u do

Maxed Veteran s-class team is s17, so except if they get buffed again s20 or Higher isn’t possible

This was a few weeks ago.

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Oh. I thought it was gonna be higher.

Haha yup


The highest team rank is s16++ ( I think)
I’m having s16 with 4 sclass t4 and one sclass t3