So here i sit in pain having my legs waxed and u turd up war

Shameful. And boring. But wait, there’s level up!! <<that was sarcasm btw. Wouldnt want u to get it wrong like everything else!


Full leg and a Brazilian?

What else?
By the time they fix it i think she’ll have enough time to use tweezers.


Hopefully she’s got a fine eye, strays can just ruin the whole look :joy::wink:

There’s no hair in the dark lol

Atleast none anyone in their right mind should complain about at that moment

Sure hope so.
But ill never have a wax before war again, look what it did. Bugged the damn game. It’s probably my fault. Sorry everyone.

Hey as long as it was worth it on your end.

But if you feel that bad you can dm me a pic post wax :smirk:

Your legs must be pretty damn hairy if they need to be waxed

Yeah, virgin forest type. But luckily the deforestation is finished now.

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