So headstarts on knives

If you collected enough bricks you should already be at 7/22 or higher.
I just got another 40 so Im at 8/22. Idk if to go back to leveling christa or angel.

Any who where you guys on the knives rn?

Mostly at 7/22 or higher?

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9/22 7 chars.

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So my dream team

Pete lead, Angel, Christa, kapoor, and Zander for that command. Once I get magna Imma beef and tank her and have her take kapoor spot.

NICE. (I got 22 at well but idk if to finish angel or christa)

There will always be future damage toons. There will be far less rainbow leads with a turn1 AS that makes a difference to the meta. I’d say level Angel.

I’m going with Angel never used my Christa because i mainly have Melee Att team

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So im either doing 2 teams

Attack raid with ranged.

Def with alert and strong (Alice seems like a decent toon plus she has a impair gun :3)

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