So has fac assault event started?

Has it started? Jb said all tiers would have unlimited timers but I don’t see that yet. Just trying to figure out if this is how it’s gonna be or if it’s still rolling out.

Just means you can buy tickets. You are still capped on daily grind.

I meant the cooldown timers for FA. Says that we can rerun without wait but it still has a cooldown timer

Just a guess but perhaps the maintainance is required first ?

Seems like they would have done it reversed if that was the case

LOL. When has making sense been a prerequisite for anything around here


As in maintenance first then start the event

Idk I guess I just thought something basic like that was 101

That’s not a cool down timer that’s how long you have to complete the event

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Oops lol.


maybe maybe not
maybe scipely pressed the button too early, prolly get rolled back

I am getting 3x tickets right now…so yes.

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