So guys We Finnaly did it

I will let photos speak for them selfs.



Hail Kenny

Hail Kenny, full of boats, the stache is with thee. Blessed are those amongst urbans and blessed is the fruit of thy loins, Duck. Holy Kenny, father of Duck, pray for us shitbirds now and in the hour of our bite. Aboat.

The (Boat)lord’s Prayer

Our Father, who art in Wellington, Kenneth be thy name. Thy saltlick come, thy will be done in Howe’s as it is in Savannah. Give us this day our daily boat, and forgive us our shitbirdness, as we forgive those who shitbird against us, and lead us not into the Jane ending, but deliver us from Lilly. For thine is the saltlick, and the urban, and the moustache, for ever, and ever, Aboat.

Glory Be to the Boatgod

Glory be to the Kenny and to the AJ and to the Holy Clem. As it was in the beginning is now, and ever shall be, Boatness without end. Aboat.

Oath of Team Kenny

Night gathers, and now my loyalty begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no Luke, hold no Jane, shoot no Kenny. I shall live no Howe’s and in no Wellington. I shall live and die for my loyalty. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher for Clem. I am the shield that guards the team of Ken. I pledge my life and honor to Team Kenny, for this night and all the nights to come.

Header courtesy of BroKenny


I got my Kenny the day after the event started lol
But gratz

God damn bro.

I’m f2p so had to grind my way in.


It’s more rewarding to grind your way to rewards tbh


Congratulations Steve.

I remember when S-Class Kenny was just a random-ass post on one of my Recaps.

Look at him now.


Thanks Dad Parker.

This goes to show that if you put your mind AND soul Into something.It shall happen…

May Kenny bless us all.

now what the fυck is gonna be my next move…


Now show me a great team I can use him in🤗

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Any team with Kenny will be great blessed be the boat god


He is a really good f2p toon. Thanks Scopes :+1:

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Kabbom with Rampage…

If you dont have rampage it will still work.


I have a crush on @TheSteve :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Kenny’s pretty sweet. I modded him,maxed his ar and as. Didn’t lvl him at all. Threw him behind Priya with that desert eagle… powerful stuff.

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Line me immediately if you look like this.

I have lady parts tho @TheSteve I don’t look like that

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sorry but I cant.

My devotion to Kenny leaves me no time for relationships.


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I got him already tier 2 almost tier 3

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cries in gear shortage

I am crushed @TheSteve crushed… like kenny’s crushed eye… but I shall always hold hope… like kenny’s working eye


Bout time now that xavier being released… giggles just messing, congrats! I also got him today