So guaranteed epics on a 40 pull isn't a thing anymore?


I did a 40 pull for Sherry and got all 4*s. It was my first pull for her. Now scopely had advertised last year that you’re guaranteed to get at least one epic per 40 pulls. Support states that there is no such guarantee. Anyone else had this issue? Also, does anyone have a screenshot of when they announced in game that an epic was guaranteed per 40 pulls?

Premier wheel? No 5*s

It isn’t guaranteed anymore since they updated the odds on premiers.

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There was no announcement made that the guarantee is no longer in effect.


If you do a 40 pull and not get a 5*, it clearly isn’t in effect anymore.


But clearly it isn’t a thing anymore. This started as soon as they updated the odds, hence me saying it happened through this.

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No announcement was made rescinding the guarantee, therefore it’s a bug when someone pulls all 4* in their first 40 pulls on the wheel.


Yet, Scopley not saying anything…


40 pulls is still a thing?


It could be another one of those silent nerfs/update. o_0

Only scopely can confirm/deny this.
@JB.Scopely Any takes on this matter?

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They’re not gonna make an announcement about it (at least until it’s fixed) because it’s gonna affect the amount of money they make. Nobody’s gonna wanna pull 40 4 stars unless they just don’t care.


That’s me.
I don’t care lmao.


It is a thing. Its a guaranteed 5*in 40. If you didnt get one message support your


It WAS a thing, clearly not anymore, since this has been happening to people. And support has been how they always are with everything, and apparently (heard this from multiple people so it’s safe to say it happened) support says there is no guarantee.

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That definetely sucks big huge donkey dongs :frowning:


This is the first I’ve heard of this change. If there was no announcement on it I’d contact support to find out where your counter was at starting your 40 pull or go to your play store with this information if your counter was at zero when you started your 40 pull.


Same thing happened to me with Bruce Allen cooper. Support said there is no guarantee anymore. Got a refund from Google with help from @LadyGeek screen shots of the promise.


Ive asked support to let me speak to a supervisor 5 times now and they are refusing.


I also asked which update removed the guarantee and they would not answer.


Support won’t do shit, not until you message them 100 times within 24 hours. Especially when it could come down to a player getting a refund.

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