So for the normal players who got the rifle/dwight etc This level up milestone is 2 million for 1 item


I agree that this is a pointless event. But this event is a direct repercussions of all the complaints. I am saying rather give viable and specific solutions or we end up with this again. Everyone whining " we want a faction level up" " we want more parts for dwight and rifle" now look… I can’t fully blame scopely for screwing this up. Entitlement applies to anyone who throws theirs toys out of the cot and expects to get their way without a viable solution


I’m sorry you took offense, didn’t realise you were sensitive. Those were hypathetical so please don’t feel like I attacked you in any way. I would hate to make a grown man cry. You on the other hand did comment on my participation in my faction but I did not whine about that. If you have an issue with my delivery of a point then shame… again did not realize you were such a sensitive soul. To revisit the entire argument again. Skip it if you are not happy… let this be a learning curve to not just moan but acctually give feedback to the game developers. Is it ok to answer you or do you constitute that as bitching? Just to be sure as you seem confused


anyone know if we’ll get more parts for dwight weapon? on the next SR?


I doubt it as there will be a day left and it is scheduled to be a two day event


I think there will probably be collections in the museum for parts later on. They probably won’t be for much, but maybe we’ll get lucky and get something cool/useful out of that.


I didn’t take offence to it, but you are being a dick and i thought I should point that out to you. this is a public forum and you have put a full name, I have no idea if that is your actual name or not, but you should be aware of being a dick on the internet if things can be traced back to you can come back and cause you problems in the future.

Please who want to employ you or do business with you will regularly search the internet for any trace of you, and if they see you talking to people in the way that you do then they could quite rightfully decide they don’t want to deal with you. this might not be a concern for you now but you should think about these things in how you deal with people.

We will have to agree to disagree about who has been more productive in giving feedback on this thread as I think I have at least tried to give some constructive feedback and that you have only trolled people and given absolutely nothing that could be of any use to anybody. but that is just what I see you obviously see things differently.


Unfortunately for you this is my personality and my clients are ok with it as I get work done. I think in all your novels there was not a trace of any substantial advice but happy you feel that way. The fact that you resorted to the way I portray the message further proves that you have nothing to go by. Next time stick to the topic and leave the life lessons for your kids


Mainly just going to apologise for letting myself get caught up with that, sorry Clemo your post cold have been productive, but I let myself get sidetracked by a troll. and now this thread is dead. Seems to be the way people try to control what we are allowed to actually talk about on this forum.

Sorry again.


I don’t want to participate in this event as it has nothing to offer me, however I feel obligated to help out my faction since this is a faction event. Although since the rank rewards are also garbage I am feeling a bit better about not participating. But that in and of it self is a huge problem.