So for the normal players who got the rifle/dwight etc This level up milestone is 2 million for 1 item



I got the shirts and rifle parts the moment they came out, im not knocking people for not having them straight away and only getting them now, its good that you have these pieces needed in this Faction Event BUT for the players who had completed these objectives at the time when they were released this faction level up milestones ONLY gives 1 Benedict at 2 million points what 90% of the players dont have of those rewards

Seriously what is going on in the think tank over at Scopely/Iugo ??? im not sure what is up, it feels more like a removal of top players - 2 year players not wanting to cater to the long haul of the games longevity BUT only to appease the masses screaming then and there

Milestones should have more than old objectives, there should be an incentive going forward all the time, not just a possibility for the slower players to catch, give them that BUT you run a competitive game, most players had dwight and his rifle when all parts were released … and did not pay to get those parts

Now were stuck on a boring FLU with nothing until 2 million points … REVISE REVISE REVISE


I think you’ll find little sympathy. A lot of us are ok with not pushing 3 times a week during level ups.


Of all the things to complain about… Just don’t participate


Those saying just don’t participate, this is a faction event, and therefore the one that a lot of us would have preferred to participate in, we however felt like we had to participate in the earlier events to get the bits we needed for the collection, as I never remember scopely giving us this many chances to get something before.

As it is, I am not even going to hit the first milestone in this faction event due to having nothing left to use for the much needed food. but i would have massively preferred to have got my rewards from this faction level up instead, or for their to at least be other bits to get if I did have the resources.

My faction is all pretty much out of stuff as most of us went hard to get Dwight early, so we aren’t setting a minimum for this, but a lot of factions will still have minimum requirements to meet and the players will get nothing for this until they get to 2 mil. we dont even know if we will be able to trade in the extra bits for anything.


its a faction event … solo event it would be fine, but because its team built they should cater better for all players


its not about finding sympathy…

I have a lot of sympathy for players who tried to reach milestones but missed out and had to try on each level up to garner enough for these parts for rifle or dwight.

im just mentioning the hypocrisy of it all, players (myself included) wanting something needed then and there and getting small snippets to appease them. My one mention from this level up being that of a faction event and basically only having 1 benedict at 2 million as the only item i can use is just ridicuous.

heck even 4* trainers at first milesstone helped out a little etc


The rewards are shit for faction too. Don’t participate… If you need dwight then participate. I honestly think there are more pressing issues that we should be pursuing. But bitching about everything all the way through is sending mixed signals and the issues that need attention will not get attended to.


It’s not the end of the world, I assure you. If you guys are not so good at the game then take a break and miss this event. If you are in a faction where they do not understand then leave. I assure you there are ways to resolve all of your issues without whining. Please don’t slow the rest of us down or make this game dull for those who seek a challenge. If you are no good then get better. Don’t try change the entire game to suit you


im in the top faction, i have 2 accounts in there, its not about me as a person wanting something for nothing, my point is the current reward system is broke… its a competitive game, not about slowing down or getting good. I put up 2.5 million last faction level up … the point of me pointing out this mess is what dies future rewards look like when its at its worst right now.

being in the top faction has a certain amount to strive for if not for yourself then for your team, one account can put up some okay points the other not so much, the team will understand BUT for myself i always want to do better. BUT as these rewards stand, a persons activity will only worsen even more due to scopely having very poorly structured events


I really don’t understand how us already having collected all of the rewards that are on offer before a 2 million milestone could make us not good. Surely that makes us good. It would have been nice if they offered somethign else at these milestones level as well as the stuff we already have and dont need.

I understand people still need these items, but to make this event completly pointless for a good % of the user base who really don’t need any of those milestone items before 2 mil seems strange. and to do that on a faction event where most of us actually like to try to help our faction do well just seems a bit cheeky as they know people will still go for it to try to help their faction as that is pretty much the whole reason to be in a faction.

I am intrigued as to what you consider a more pressing issue that the ridiculous rewards that are being handed out that are almost invalidating every tournament at the moment. I believe you are a newer player so I would honestly like your perspective on this, I have been playing this game for over 2 years, and like I said previously when we have had collections like this before, if you didn’t hit every milestone that had collection gear available then you didn’t finish that collection, it was as simple as that. this time things seem different for some reason, maybe shane, but we are now competing for basically nothing, but I will still put up as many points as I can (and probably more than a lot of people) due to loyalty to my faction who I have been playing with for a year and a half.

If you wanted the game to be a challenge then you should have collected all of the bits you needed for the collections already (really quite easy to do) and therefore have nothing to aim for before the 2 mil milestones.


If you followed threads these rewards are a direct result of people complaining. That’s why I say, sit this one out… I stand by the point that there are more pressing issues than this one catch up event. There are other threads discussing rewards on a whole. If that is your issue than address that not this one event. It is not conducive to progress


I was adressing your points. Again I repeat, this is a direct result of all the complaints. But you cannot argue both sides of the fence. Either you can get the milestones (which you stated you cannot) or you can. It is also your choice whether you are going to get them or not. Complaining about every little aspect of the game is not helping. If anything it is hurting our case. Maybe think before you complain and pick a side of the argument


you didn’t address any points though did you. you just said i am not good and that I should leave my faction if they don’t understand. I had already stated my faction has not set a minimum and that we were all in the same boat. and that I had already got everything that this event was offering as a catch up which on this basis I will consider to mean that I am at least good enough at this game.

you therefore basically just started an argument with me without actually addressing any points of my initial post, and have then continued to add no value whatsoever into the thread even when asked direct questions about what you actually want or mean.

I can’t say I have seen you actually make any particularly helpful posts on this forum, I try to avoid moaning if I can, but the rewards for this tournament are garbage, and then scopely will look at the participation figures for this tournament and use that as a basis to offer us less faction events in the future, therefore ruining one of the main reasons people actually play this game.

Please try to offer something remotely constructive if you are going to bother replying again as at the moment I have no idea what you want or why you are replying.

I still want to know what you consider more pressing issues, as the rewards are the number one complain I have with the game as with such garbage rewards all over the place there is very little to compete for in the game at the moment and that is taking most of the fun away.



Do you write with intent or just spew things out?

I see you have issues reading in general though as I will yet again reiterate: the rewards in general are an issue to be addressed where there are threads for. This catch up was demanded by most on this site though so I will again repeat, do not participate. No matter what the rewards are you wouldn’t be able to get them anyway as you have stated you are dry. So thisis not a pressing issue. If you have any queries please READ the thread before asking the exact same question again


Just for the slow guy. I will repeat. This was asked for by most on this site. It is 1 event… if you carry on demanding contradictory changes where will we be? Exactly where we are. Side note: my faction was between 2nd and 3rd in this tourney throughout the day so there goes your entire " argument " if one can call it that


yeah ok so maybe I over exaggerated a bit by saying I wont hit the first milestone, I am sorry in reality I will probalby hit 500k and get two lots of milestone rewards that are completely useless to me.

Yeah I stated that a lot of factions do still have minimums, that is right after saying my faction doesn’t for this event, so who is the one who has problems reading.

There are multiple threads for rewards, most of them actually centre around war though, would you like to pick a rewards thread that we should put all of our feedback into? as there is probably about 50 of them on this forum already. this was a specific thread about how the milestones could have included other things that would have enticed more people to want to participate.

I have to be honest but that kind of selfish attitude of not participating in a faction event just because you don’t like the rewards, just shows me everything I need to know about you. I participate in a faction event to help the faction, I am annoyed as my participation will get me next to nothing on this occasion, even less than normal due to the milestones all being centred around items that lots of us have collected already.

For the last faction level up I put up 2 mil, for the level up where they first introduced dwights shirts I put up 1.25 mil, I therefore would like to think that Scopely could reward dedication to this game by offering those of us who care enough to have already completed these collections something as well.

You really have posted 6 replies on this thread saying absolutely nothing other than you don’t agree with us so we should stop complaining. If you don’t agree with a thread just skip it, or to use your wording don’t participate.

This was requested by some of this forum, it was also not requested by the majority of us, and by not speaking out then in greater numbers we have this scenario where scopely listened to the vocal minority who weren’t good enough to actually get this stuff first time round. so if those of us that think this is a kick in the teeth don’t speak out now should we continue to put up with having to collect the same things 3 times because some noobs don’t get what they want first time.

I would guess your faction is probably carrying you to a 3rd place and will boot you after this event, if the attitude you have shown in this thread is anything like the way you deal with them. and by the way between 2nd and 3rd, is 2.5 which isn’t a placement that is possible.


For the people who already have Dwight, there should have been additional rewards put into each milestone level that would have benefited those who already have Dwight and rifle. This would easily ensure that there is something for the entire player base to work towards, not just certain players.


Well genius if you are going to pose a hypothetical problem in a feeble attempt to push your point don’t get salty when I give a hypothetical solution. Your sensationalism noted, maybe next time stick to facts. I acctually do well in events but thanks for the genuine concern. And for the very last time: please write this down as you seem to be too dense to comprehend… If you continue to ask for shit that is not specific and then bitch about it when you get it, we will never have a better game. Just a bunch of entitled bitches complaining constantly as seen above


The entitlement mentality applies to the people who had not already earned Dwight and the gun. They think everyone should have it instead of those who worked hard for them. The OP just want to be rewarded for hard work which is the way it should be. Geez, the game is not a welfare system. There should have been prizes included in the milestones for those who already did the job. If this were a solo event then I could see your attitude. I mean, they could have thrown SOMETHING in there that isn’t completely useless to the people who already achieved the goals. Lucile tokens even.


I am not the one who asked for these awful rewards, I am simply suggesting that they could actually offer something else along with these rewards due to the fact it is a faction event. If they had done this for an individual level up there would have been absolutely no problem in my eye’s as I could have skipped it easily. I was trying to make a point so that they could take that into account if a similar situation was to arise in the future.

sensationalism the only thing I did was not realise that I actually had slightly more resources built up over the past few days than i realised. That in no way takes away from the fact that these milestones are pointless for a good % of the players of this game and even though I can and will hit some of them it is getting me nothing.

Please dont insult me, I could easily play the d*ck measuring game with you, but I honestly dont feel the need. as for the bitching you seem to have done most of the bitching in this thread, and have completely taken it off track from what it was meant for.

If your entire reason for commenting was to say please be more specific about what you would like in the rewards (the far more polite way of saying what you were trying to say in your last comment at least) then I have commented on that before in other threads, this was a different tread, and that is also nothing like the message you started with which was just to first tell the OP to skip the event and then to insult me and tell me to get good. This is getting really boring as we are just going round in circles of you insulting me and me trying to explain yet again why these rewards suck for a faction event.