So far I can’t think of one thing scopley has done to make the game better

I could be wrong but I’ve seen nothing that they have done that wasn’t already planned before the pu movement that scopley has done to make this game any better for its players. I for one am sick and tired of them trying to milk us dry yooooo my nipples are sore quit that shit


It really seems like Jessie Anderson was going to be the prize for collecting Chihuahua Plush but then #PU had to demand a legacy ascendable and now we are all stuck with Romanov


If u offered a crappy product but people kept buying, would you stop, or change it? Doubt it, and the #illspendonthispremierbutnotnext1 movement is well… u kno

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Highly unlikely. Someone pushed the button too soon and released her too early before she got put out with what she was actually supposed to have, she was likely going to be a premier the whole time.


The 5 star tokens is pretty good…and arenas are a bit fun…especially draft

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You are wrong.
Its more likely that she was released into the museum as the event started because that was their original plan and then they took her out and added her as a premier.
It would also explain why her stats were increased before she became available.
AND 20,000 plushies for Jessie in her original state makes more sense than Romanov because people would fight for a new toon instead of a toon they already have in their roster.


If the original plan was for her to be the character for the event, why did they take her back after only a few hours or so? People said it better be a free toon and not a premier one, why did they put her on premier then? They’ve done events for legacy characters before, just look at guardians Douglas and Rick.


Well …I guess you could say it’s now that much easier to get higher placement in tournament prizes

They are communicating a bit more, and have released 2 legacies in a short time frame. We are finally seeing legendary medals in prizes, and in somewhat decent amounts. They are giving us torches for roadmaps that would usually be ptp. (though I don’t think that neccesarily means we will obtain him).

They are making small changes,imo.

Are u serious comunication ha and those legacy toons were due and were reAdy to releAse months ago people need to open there eyes and see that they aren’t doing a damn thing for us that wasn’t already planned or completed before the movement even started

They are communicating more. Its certainly not perfect at all, but they have actually addressed more things in the past 2 weeks than ever before.

Just because vk released legacy toon leaks doesn’t mean they were “due”. For all we know we weren’t seeing them for a while anyway.

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They’ve made it easier to quit so that’s an improvement for what’s become a shit show instead of a game


So… Are you actually on the council then?
Cuz… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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Scopely even commented on the leaks saying that they were in the works prior to The Whole pu stuff and what exactly has changed nothing if anything things have gotten even worse since they put out the promise letter

Aside from the OP in a pinned thread, which they then fail to reply to any questions on afterwards, I heavily disagree
Yes there are more pinned threads, but then that’s it. They had to make more of these threads anyway due to a large amount of game changes.
Improved communication would be responses, in my eyes. What they are effectively doing is opening the door into the forum ‘room’, shouting an announcement, then slamming it shut again before anybody can ask anything.

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