So... f2p raid teams

Out of curiosity, what do the f2p do to raid now
(Other than bend over to our p2w overlords obviously)

Here’s mine:


Level up the toons perhaps and upgrade the weapons.

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I’m not asking for advice… I’m just curious what other people use for raiding…

And my attack team isn’t my priority at the moment…

I using those teams (wanderer is t1 i know but i will lvl him up in another lvl up)

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Well, based on the team you posted above, you may want to.


Whatever scopely decides to give me, mostly junk


It’s working pretty well against everything that isn’t mono red… and that’s good enough for me

Because let’s be honest, if you’re running mono red you are just asking to be trampled by a ty.

A micricosm of the plight of the f2p in rts. Shits becoming more pay to play every day. F2p have no access to disarms and 6* shields, except through weighted gambling wheels. Its getting harder abd harder.


Is this better?

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Not true, they just had a 3 year anniversary wheel that had p2p toons on it. I was able to pull 2 disarm Michonne and a Koa without paying a cent. Sometimes RNG is with you and sometimes it isn’t, but that’s the name of the game.


Yes, I definitely think it is.

the second part of that quoted sentence covers what you replied. You know, The part you didn’t quote? there is zero RNG in ascending a legacy toon.

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Sorry, I stopped reading before you contradicted yourself. You stated how there is no access to p2p toons and how you can get them for free in the same sentence.

maybe put the salt away and read it again? There’s no contradiction. The comma is there for a reason.

These are my go to attack teams. All of the premium toons were lucky single or ten pulls

If f2p have no access, then they wouldn’t be able to access them at all right? They may have limited access since they can possibly get lucky from a free wheel. You used two contradicting statements in the same sentence and the comma doesn’t make it correct.

And stating that the wheel was “weighted” as if that’s a fact proves you’re bitter and can’t be taken seriously. This isn’t going to go anywhere.

Moving along now.


Bravo, internet Warrior. My two five-star kals and six * kal contradict your contradiction. now go get a cup of coffee and a handy. You need to chill.

Ps all three were pulled with year 3 tokens. Tell yourself whatever you need to.


So you really think the wheel is weighted because you got some dupes :rofl: I get it. No more explanation is needed.

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I think your “move along” game needs work.

PS I know several people that have pulled multiple Zeke’s and governors. Totally random, though.