So explain to me how to complete daily event?

I posted this the other day asking for a fix to this.
If the daily events has do 1 arena entry but the last arena is 2 days how do you complete it?
Yesterday I did my entry just as I did for the day before, except today I have 19 hours to complete daily event of doing arena but current arena ends in 26+ hours, so again how is this completable or even a mission?
I have no coins they are the rarest item in game to get, so can’t pay 250.

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You should have done the Champions entry today not already yesterday, I did yesterday my entry for the previous arena mode. Tomorrow’s daily mission when leaque is starting anew.


This is annoying me as well. It’s particularly bad for my minis where I can’t get any arena entry tickets at all so miss out for two days.

I’m giving scopely the benefit of the doubt here that they designed daily missions before they mucked about with the design of arenas and the new 5 combo. They should regularly review and tweak designs if necessary though. This is totally demotivating.


But I had to do the champion one yesterday so I could complete yesterday’s daily event mission??


I’ve not had any issues with completing daily missions, so I guess it is a time issue in your case. Means you can only play one or two times a day. Or probably has to do with the Endurance mode since I used the free entry when it started and a ticket shortly before it ended for yesterday’s arena.

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This was my problem last week. So yesterday, I only used one ticket. I’m gonna use the other one later to cope up with the daily mission. But what if you only have one champion ticket? That would be f***** up.


i already gave you a thorough (I hope) explanation in your last thread. It’s perfectly possible, even if you only have one champion’s ticket, and if you do not get any arena tickets from levelup milestones or daily missions.

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I try to win more than 1 championship ticket, it use 1 one day and the other ones the next.

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Some days you lose, why get worked up over a crappy daily Rewards?

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The biggest problem with it is that it is intended so that everyone can complete it, well that was the original point. Now you have to be in at a certain time I guess, as Dr. Dank says above, or do 20+entries to get 2 entries. This was not a problem before and should be fixed or removed on the 2 day arena at the end.

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Not every mission is intended to be completed every interval. Case in point: the SC mission to get 9 comics is impossible to complete every week.

The first couple were not possible but with the correct coordination with the weekly missions and the museum collections its a lot more feasible now

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You seriously try to win 2 champs tickets so you can get the daily reward… wow

It’s a five-hour window on two days, and a 19-hour window on the others. If you are willing to spend one of the Arena tickets you get from levelup milestones, you can use it to make Tuesday flexible, leaving only the Monday mission on the five-hour window. If you can get to top 5 in one of the five arenas, which not everyone can do every week but most people should be able to do occasionally, you’re completely flexible. I don’t think that’s completely unreasonable


Well, who wouldn’t try to win two champion’s tickets? The second one gives you a decent boost on the champion’s leaderboard, which has alright rewards.

Yeah I do, so I pick a endurance event, win 1 or more ticket in that, and then I get a second ticket just by completing 7 entries or what ever it is, and spend one ticket one day and the others on the last.

I have done well this week and got 8 tickets, so I used 4 yesterday and will use 4 today.

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