So everyone have the same team


Scopely should release new 6* as soon as possible, all the faction’s have exactly the same team’s, the only diference is that some use Mirabell for towers and Carl on main def and some do the oposite. But it is always carl, shiva’s, ezekiel shiva force, or Mira, ty, abe, yumiko etc…

Game seen’s ruined till more 6* are released…


Already being discussed here. Can we merge these threads.


Oh come on, I like a moan about Scopes as much as the next guy, but you could at least try to look if this topic is already being discussed.


Not the same… the same pair, like the shoes.
The elegant one Mirabelle 6* based gunners team, and the sporty one Carl 6* based knifers team.


War these days …

Mirabelle , ty,Carl , zeke , shiva, ty, CaMirabelle, ty, Carl , zeke , shiva,rl , zeke , shiva,Mirabelle,Mirabelle, ty, Carl , zeke , shiva, ty, Carl , zeke , shiva,Mirabelle, ty, Carl , zeke , shiva,Mirabelle, ty, Carl , zeke , shiva… War over


Really needs addressing quickly, nothing destroys a game quicker than boredom


Couldn’t agree more I think this is the biggest problem with the 6* meta is they needed to have around 50 available from previous 5* at rollout- they still only have about 20ish and this pace needs to change… also we haven’t seen a Previous 5* for what a month with blue Shane? This is completely unacceptable- needs to be at least 1 prior 5* a week - green Glenn and red gov have been coded in the game for what 2 months? Still not available currently


Need more Carls and Miras lol.


dying to see Gator !!!


Pic or it diddn´t happen :smiley: