So even thinking about updated sr

Does anyone want it harder with same format? Honestly I dont and I even completed that second nightmare sr so I’m sure I can do this new revised one if it is just added difficulty. Or do you think they will actually improve the gameplay somehow to revitalize it and any ideas how they could do that?
Ps bored waiting in aow que

I think with added difficulty, therefore increasing the time you spend per stage, there needs to be a slight review of how energy is handled. I think needing to check back every 2 hours when 8 energy could take 30 minutes to use tilts it to a very demanding tourney.

I know with Nightmare once I reached mid-gold I sat on 8/8 permanently because it was taking 15+ min to finish a stage.

No ideas on a way to remix the format, in a normal-ish capacity. I just hope normal SR doesn’t move too close into Nightmare’s remit. I don’t mind Nightmare-esque difficulty but as a once-monthly thing tops.

Roadmaps are the best place for complex, difficult team challenges imo


I don’t get why Scopely can’t set levels on most things in game to your team level so it’s a decent challenge for most people.

I get that a minimum level is required for roadmaps/levels so players are motivated to develop, but auto-playing through stuff that’s way too easy is no fun. Neither is not being able to complete because it’s too difficult. Neither motivates nor encourages spending.

Say i’m An s10. Minimum to complete should be say s3. But why not set my map’s difficulty level at s9? Or s10? Make me work for it. Give everyone a more equal difficulty experience. Tailor my experience based on my player history. I’m fairly certain I read somewhere it was possible to do this in another context (but it wasn’t widely discussed on the forums for me to remember Where. Might the word “bucket” have been used…?)

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I don’t want it any more difficult. It’s already a chore to check in every 2 hours, especially when at work. But at least it’s quick and you can auto it. Making it harder would just make it more annoying then fun.


I think that’s what nightmare survival road was expected to be by most players but that didn’t happen

Getting updated next month i believe, atleast from what jb told us

Always thought it would be interesting to face some of the hoards walkers on maps or sr. Could be a fun challenge with those special skills they have.

The one thing they could do is let us chose pre-built teams from our roster.


Why another version besides nightmare?

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