So doing bad in top diamond league pays half than doing alright in lower tiers?

So being more active in a higher Diamond league but placing lower than most of the crazy super players gives me less coins than that of platinum lower down players who have been promoted yet not even half if not a quarter of diamond players but get double coins …

Scopely you need to sort your busted ass weak sauce game mechanics out, its getting tiresome


It makes sense to me.

Someone who scores 100k in Platinum should be better rewarded than someone who scores 1k in a higher league. Hard work should be rewarded and bad performances shouldn’t.

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thats true but from my point of view i scored double of the platinum league … makes no sense

well it does, they want us to spend 1k to fight for 700 coins

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Gold I promotion zone get more coins than someone fighting in Diamond to not get demoted, do you think this make sense?

and probably the gold one will score less than half the diamond one

I was in plat 5, finished like 9th where only top 7 got promoted and 5-10th had same no. of coins. This reward structure is epic

@JB.Scopely in diamond 5 where I will definitely get demoted. Thank you for the 300 something odd coins I get while players in bronze who get promoted get more. Makes perfect sense to me.

This was known to be the case before season 3 leagues started.

Thats why I went diamond 1 and plan to just maintain it all season for 700 coins each week and not much effort. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ditto :+1:

I didnt go out trying to get into any certain league, just done my normal amount of activity yet got into diamond 2 i think … look im not saying boo to all the other peeps getting their coins for their work, im saying to be in the main league should be better than the scrub league

lets say i do 100k points but am 40th in my super league, i get 300 coin

yet someone does 25k in gold and gets promoted, 700 coins, is that fair

im using hypothetical right now as i dont know the structure on coins and points

I understand but it was a faction raid for 6 gold mods for my faction that got me started in four. And well this weekend was war weekend. Just goes to show you the design of the game is ridiculous. Sandbagging shouldn’t be rewarded @JB.Scopely

“Sort your busted weak sauce game mechanics out” :rofl: im dead!

Lol but my way around this is im chilling in diamond 4 and get rank 8, 9 or 10 so i dont promote but get coins lol

yeah but fighting to be lower is such a weird way to play the game

imagine being so close to a milestone on sunday but it would push you to losing coins etc or put you in a much higher league … i dont believe this is what was intended when making leagues less “stale”


Well scopes isnt that bright but yea its kinda harder to stay rank 8, 9 or 10 that to just push to top and promote lol but im getting coins

Sandbagging? Nah, it is just saving my resources and playing smart. Just went back to how I used to play before leagues, hit my milestones and be done, ignore territories, no need to burn cans or coins.

Sitting in Diamond 1 and staying in Diamond 1 easiest 700 coins your get in the game

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