So CS can move your accounts apparently?

So, was reading Facebook today and some guy was posting that a new EN region had opened.

In the comments, another guy said that he will get CS to move his account to this brand new region (he heard this from a “forum lady” on here, and it’s a 3 month process.

Now, there has been many people that have asked this and been denied.

I wonder why sooo many different stories are going around.

Edit: His faction leader works for “Scopley Tower” apparently.

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… because you’re listening to random people on Facebook.


Not just Facebook. On here too. And other region chats. People have had their accounts moved.

Screen shots or it didn’t happen.

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Screenshots of the guy saying this? If so, working on it, editing out names for privacy.

No, screenshots showing he has moved regions and correspondence from CS confirming. People can say whatever they want, doesn’t make it true.


Oh, I’m still waiting on those from his “Faction leader that works and Scopley Tower” :joy::joy::joy:

Why would it take 3 months? Bit long imo

I have heard of people being moved as well but no one will discuss it because “they can’t discuss accounts of other members”. It is possible but clearly only on rare ocassion. It’s a shame because there are SO many players who have spent an incredible amount of time and money building account only to be stuck in a dead region…my region has 25 active players in the latest level up. Floyd Region.

Scopely if you are listening, if you were to charge for it as a one off charge to move your entire account (all characters, gear and progress etc) to another non-dead region, I would be the first to get out the credit card and I know many more would follow.

Please see if this is a possibility, would be happy to pay for it if that’s what it comes down to.


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Agreed. I’m also in a dead region and we want something done. But get turned away at every turn.

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At least you get good ranks in tourneys. Wouldn’t it be too tough in the big World ?

Umm, no actually. We’re sick and tired of always placing the same, well, my faction mates are anyway.

We want actual competition, not just smashing the other factions within 5 minutes.

When CRW comes around, it’s great to NOT be first for once. We actually have to fight to get somewhere. Facing 5 other regions mind you.

I would welcome you guys. Mister Scopely, tear down this wall.

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Why thank you @Unknownnn , how very kind of you :joy::joy::joy: