So...Can you put Victory tokens bags again in shop?

Plese scopes!!!Only 1 day left


Yes you can. And get 6* Dupe Richard. What a pile of :poop:


For 550 coins you can buy 5 victory tkns
Guess the only way to do a pull is with coins…such a great way to finish an event,


I have none of the toons in that wheel actually so id like to pull

We have been Scopleyed, War in our region is a disaster, factions rank 4 and below haven’t bothered and I can’t blame them with nothing to go for, well done Scopely again

I agree but come on no one else saw this coming beside me lol
I said day one this was Lucky tokens all over again. This is $¢opely did you think it would be different :rofl::rofl:


Purple tokens might’ve been worse…that wheel was up for what? 2? 3months?
Me myself I got 1 pull from it lol
These guys aren’t trying to do better wheels or events, they’re cash grabbing all the way.
Not even JB can defend this as it’s just scoply being themselves

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