So can we get a gear event 🤣

As we have all been asking for this for weeks/months.

Can we get a farmable gear event pretty please. The poop at the moment is not a gear event


As far as they are concerned they’ve done what we asked for and we won’t see any gear events or improved gear access for months. It’s the Scopely way.

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Yup. Means no point pulling for any of those new toons as cant level or ascend them

I don’t understand why they can’t understand this statement. Why go after toons if you can’t level them because of lack of gear? If everyone hits a wall then no one spends.

The harvest event require too many fuel for a pitiful amount of gear. Thanks scopely

well we all need lots of legendary gear for S Class. this rubbish puts legendary gear out of reach of everyone

They could have not wasted time creating these leaves and ridiculous missions costing gear to get gear and just given us a weekly farmable gear map and we would have been fine

thatwould just be using 2 much common sense you know. what kind of idiocy would it be to return to the methods of old that seemed to work just fine.

good old days of 5*. i need 25 scopes. Looks like i need to save world cans to run stage 5 of the gear map 25 times.

Job done


Spenders will pull for the toon and the gear. Addiction is strong.

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They understand this.

Gear always comes and goes in cycles. Some people spend for gear, some stop pulling. As the drought gets bigger, people move from the first to the second camp. Scopely can monitor this in real time, as they know what every player does or does not buy, and how much gear they have. As soon as the expected revenue from the first group can no longer make up for the lost revenue from the second group, they increase the flow, and people will buy toons again.

Well yeah they could have. Do you know what they also could have done: make Sclass characters not cost 5 times the amount of gear. They also could have made upgrading them not cost gear at all. They did none of these things. Why exactly we cannot be certain, but I strongly suggest that it’s all for the same reason.

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I’ve realized that asking Scopely for something is like asking a genie for a wish. You have to be VERY specific on what you ask for, otherwise you’ll get it in a skewed way.

Everyone wanted more fairness in the 5 star era, boom, six star reset. Everyone complained team compositions were too similar in the early six star era, boom, mods to add diversity. More gear? Okay, boring gear event. More communication? Okay, have a blog. :joy:

@CrazySausage Thanks for the post - I will forward your request to the team and circle back here with an answer :slight_smile:


This @GR.Scopely and sorry for my moaning today I’m just so frustrated with Scopely :hugs:

@Lostboy1 No worries :wink: yes it seems you are on every post today :laughing:


Hers ur gears bud what could u want more? Look how they shine!!

I dont always agree with you but damn that hits the nail on the head

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This is what was asked for!

It just has an evil fk you for asking twist.

Keep surviving. (Keep spending)


Because there is always someone who spends… And I’m not talking about 1 person spending, but about whole factions, top faction, A1 people… The Whales.

If the common thought is “the game hasn’t evolved or innovated in years… LET’S SPEND OUR ENTIRE “WHALLETS” IN THIS EVENT! WE CAN GET 2 PIECES OF GEAR!”

That’s why boycott doesn’t work if a community is not really united and standing in the same mental state of “We want change, and we fight for it!”

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Manipulative deceptive quality that scopley has earned.

They have targeted people who don’t have impulse controls and have stimulated the gambling mechanism.
Personally known people with stacks of cash willing to spend on fun, but this isn’t fun anymore! They were tired of the greed this company holds so dear.

They have since moved on and are spending on other games.

Like I said in past.
Content creators need to voice opposing views rather than be complacent.
Stop spending other people’s money to inflate your channel.

Also the investments come from some highly known celebrities that would look bad if they were held accountable.

Then they dont get leaked stuff and get to put out a video as fast lol im sure they get other perks for brown nosing. We have lost a few tubers over the last bit tho. MommaDeadHead still makes vids tho not of RTS, TrollyPolly disappeared, JAB finally quit after his 100th time lol and a few others have gone, i remember JAB being critical of scopely and him not being mentioned along with the others, this was when Kali was swinging her 1000 year hammer around. Now we have 2 or 3 tubers left for RTS. Should be a wake up to not only scopely but players as well, we are watching the game die a slow and painful death.

They would pull investing out the instant anything went South and their name/face was tied to scopely. Coby Bryant and the Terminator for example wouldnt want the ruin their rep unlike scopely but i bet, they have no idea about things, i bet that the highest people up in scopely have no idea tbh. Its like the employees and managers doing shady stuff and not telling the CEOs, they just show them the numbers (money) and say everythings great. Ive said it before, these forums are mainly for control and that most really high ups in scopely dont know whats going on. That is like you and a manager doing something bad and telling your supervisor on yourselves and getting fired or whatever, nah, everything is hush hush and notice how we dont communicaye with star trek, looney toons, wwe players? We are in our own little bubble here, no one has seem to actually understand this and as such, RTS will continue to die a slow death.

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