So can we all agree #pu has failed?

Massive failure

Go ahead and create whatever delusion you need to or troll away. PU is working for the betterment of the game, It’s a fact, the upcoming patch proves it but there is still a lot to be done. Can’t take that away so anything you try to come up with, it ain’t gonna work. Enjoy what others fought for while all you did was provide a toxic outlook though! What a great service to the community :grin: be apart of PU, or don’t. It’s up to you, it’s voluntary but highly encouraged.



Ok well obviously it was not a good idea to post my opinion on this subject. Just to clarify I don’t think pu failed if we get the update. Sorry if I offended anyone by stating my opinions.

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And what is that to make sure whales and p2w players get stronger while f2p suffer?

Firstly, PU cannot solve all the problems instantly that Scopely caused in last 4 years F#cking the game balance and other things. Those who thought PU is a cure all potion are completely wrong and
misguided. PU managed to get some much needed updates to the 4 year old game and increase its life by few months at least.

Secondly, Scopely has made clear with their actions that f2p are nowhere in their scheme of things. Whatever they might say but their actions especially releasing f2p content and ascendables state another story. As an f2p myself i play other games more now and casually involved in this one. I dont see a lot improving for f2p folks in upcoming days. I suggest other f2p folks to get in their replacement games just in case and have realistic hopes from RTS moving forward keeping in mind its a 4year old game and the developers dont seem to like f2p much.

My reply wasn’t directed at you. It is directed at all those constantly focused on PU to bring it down. I’m going to defend it because it hasn’t done anything but bring a positive unity to the game where for once all classes of play styles can fight for the same thing.

Anyone and everyone is entitled to their opinion but if anyone attacks what I’m fighting for, yeah I’m going to defend it. A few people have claimed they can’t have an opinion on PU but every time they have labeled it as all of PU, PU is a voluntary community movement, it has players of all types. some got weak and spent, all the ones I know and I’m fighting with haven’t and they’re fighting hard for a better game that doesn’t just benefit them but everyone else so I see it as an attack on them when they get tangled into whatever someone who was weak did.


Don’t believe that all PU players stopped spending or even slowed down. There were a lot of players with PU in their names during this past weekends tournament with all 5he new toons … maxed … even two of them . So maybe some of the PU players stopped but not all or most did. The ones that did were probably the ones that spent low to mid range amounts before PU…

Hi jeff…
#playersunited is a choice for players to show their dissatisfaction with the game by not giving their money.
There are players who also agree that Scopely needs to make changes, and they may continue to spend a little, like on sc to have roster space, but they still support the cause.

Im sure you have oodles of screenshots of those players you mentioned, who have alllll the newest toons and #united in their name (sarcasm…cuz you have nothing) but #pu isnt about calling people out and putting them on blast.
#PlayersUnited is a collective of folks who want the game to get better and are supporting the community.

You may want to look at some of the information out there about the company’s game rank or gains etc. Because theres a notable impact.

Check yourself before you say things yo make yourself look foolish.



Im sure not everyone that has #pu stopped spending but many did. And all I’m pointing out is that all the people complaining about PU have absolutely no idea if the number that are still spending is larger than the people that stopped.


This^ the updates really are amazing but the gap doesnt look like its going to close. I know this will offend a lot and tbh i hope i am wrong but i feel like once we get all these updates the whales will whale agian, like we were all just waiting for much needed updates to go into the 7* era cause that is what these vet rings and s class is basically. Again i hope i am wrong but if not, many more will quit, not just f2p either but mostly f2p/mild spenders and the whales will soon have a small pomd to whale in instead of an ocean.

The gap must be closed for this game to survive longer than the end of 2019.

#closethegap this is the most important but i have yet to see a mention of this from scopely, if someone can point it out, please do, the toons that are coming in this update are really nice and will help but this op promo once a week, s class, vet rings while making legacies and league toons pretty much shit has to stop or this game will have a mass exodus bigger than when 6*, mods and the new AI came out put together, mark my words. Those on the player council can not just be whales and scopely worshippers and they need to push for the gap to be closed.


I am happy with the updates but it’s just sad that it took a large group of players to convince Scopely to do something that should be done every few months anyway. No the Gap will not be closed as much as it needs to be with these updates. We can only hope they continue down this path and begin to work on that along with event rewards!


You’re wrong.

Tbf aside from greater access to Lillith and a couple of extra toons that could benefit Whales in the 5 star wheel, I don’t see any of these changes adding much to a Whales roster. I don’t think this slight change will be a reason for them to spend again.

But I agree with the majority of what you are saying there aside from that.

The new changes are great and they help all players. Closing the gap between ftp and ptw isn’t achievable if you’ll spend 1000s you are going to get a much better roster than if you spend 0 to 20.

nope not gonna happen anymore with those premium only S Class running around. Thats basically is 8star toons. Another blow to closing the gap is the veteran promotions which work on Sclass too. They should have limited it to 6stars only. Dual specialists with those gen2 stats were already close to 7stars.

Romanov was the most expected legacy toon in a while with him being an all out offence toon for f2p, well he turned to be a massive disappointment, especially when he was the 1st legacy release after PU. With Hershel and Maggie, i am keeping my hopes in check!

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