So can we all agree #pu has failed?

dont get me wrong i am one of these ftp guys, but i had serious sympathy for #pu at the beginning. after a short time it was obviously that its a gang of whales and even that is not a problem. they can put the hardest pressure on scopely.

my point is:
neither @Bane nor @Wanderer who seem to be the loudest voices of that “movement” seem to have a problem with that 60 days streek, which is already now a bad joke. things got worse and and we are told to wait till september?? wake up, make your stand and move around. alberts letter = promises for the future


What else could they do besides stop spending?


Im PU and I am not a whale.


And u can call it a failed if u want but put it where it belongs. It’s Scopely that’s not living up to their end of the bargain. Even so they still have a couple weeks to make changes by their own deadline. I do think they have fallen way behind on those promises though. Especially the communication which could have improved instantly


you dont get it! im also pu and far from whale

right! i dont blame pu in the first place, but we have to face reality

I do get it. Im not giving up. PU is not dead and we will keep fighting.


What’s the point of this post? You say we have to face reality… okay so that means we should go back to spending or quit?


scopely: pushes delete


thtas the choice of every single one. but that was clear once as pu started. we win or we make our own decision

The reality is they are still within the timeline that they set for themselves even if we’re not happy about how fast things are getting done


26 of september is the dead line for changes and legacy cards promised so why not give them that time to see what happens


still right. maybe this was one of the weakness of pu. we are the ones who have to demand

Per JB in update 21 PU’s “requests” of updates will roll out. With more details when it gets closer if I read his post correctly. Its posted in the we are players united thread if you would like to see it word for word from his mouth. Not standing up for them, just waiting and hoping its not lip service, I am sure it will be the same update arena comes out on.


alberts letter didnt last 3 months

They better keep their words…not

So I just don’t see what you’re point is here? We really can’t do anything other than stop spending so how do we make them move faster? Complain more? That has always worked in the past

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Albert also doesnt work under rts anymore he is in charge of one of the other games.

Every time one of these threads is made, or somebody comes on the main PU thread and says it’s dead, the only one that wins is scopely. Thank you for this remarkable thread.


yep you dont get it! more pressure is the point. and believe me, there is more than that coining thing. beside that, and it was already mentioned a lot already… many “united” guys seemed to have luch on single pulls for wayland etc