So can Ryan be pulled or not?

All I see is chances for legendary and ascendable recruits. It doesn’t say featured recruit anywhere. So is the only way to get him by collecting eggs?

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:moneybag: pay :moneybag:

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Making it easier for #playersunited by the day, if they keep going down this road, theres not going to be many people left after 30-60days. Iv got 10 days left on sc, if they release another promo before addressing some of these bugs, crashes and some kind of communication going forward… then i can see what there true intentions are. We are giving you time scopley but your doing the opposite of what most of the community is asking.


Well they are gonna release another promo in 7 days so might as well give up now

Sc is already canceled, after 4 years i think i can wait 10 more days to see if they genuinely care about there customers or we are just there bill payers


There’s no chance they stop bringing out promos :joy::joy::joy::joy:. Whether they release an ascendable before next weekend is the real question.


As it is now, it appears the only way to get his is to get enough collectibles… The odds were not great to begin with but it seems like getting a bag with enough eggs is even less likely.

What kind of rude joke is this?

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @TayTron
Does anybody check this stuff before hitting send?


Why do the mission say “collect butter” but it’s eggs in the wheel? And how the premier gonna be on the wheel but you can’t pull him?


Noticed that too. I think he’s in the wheel, his odds just aren’t posted. But who the hell knows.

Each decision they make and each new toon or convoluted collection is driving me closer and closer to quitting. They really are making a mess of this game.


@GR.Scopely could we get clarification if Ryan is actually in the wheel or is it only the eggs?

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Not all things on the wheel are garanteed, we found that out a few months ago

Keep buying…people will keep quitting

well 3 big pulls so far and no ryan. i think ill stop and wait if he is really in the wheel lol


6 big pulls, no Ryan but enough eggs for his 5 star. Had a bunch of coins from crates from the last event.

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If he’s not in there it’s yet again another huge slap in the face to ftp. It will be extremely rare for a ftp to save enough coins to pull the required items to get these toons.

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It’s another slap in the face to whales too, they are pushing the pay wall further and further and milking them. He isn’t even S class. Pyria would smash him and plenty of other leaks coming.


Confirmed. He can be pulled. (I didn’t pull him but have seen a screen shot). @Numba1stunna