So awfully nice of you to give rewards to everyone, can you help those actually effected?

Rewards weren’t the issue, many factions are 8+ wars ahead, hard to catch up


Many can’t even launch the app


Random players in various regions still can’t access the game.


@Shawn.Scopely anything you need from people? Any update or hope or anything???

Its been over 8.5 hours, this has moved into “egregious” territory now…

Some things to try:
If you’re iOS, restart phone, check for update in app store. Or, if you know you’re linked to Facebook, login in an Android device.

If you’re Android, force close, clear cache, check for an updated version in the play store.

And, please reach out to support as well

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I know you’re trying to help but this is nowhere near how it should be. if you were to buy a game off a provider and they told you to keep restarting your laptop to access it you’d just claim your money back.


You’re right, but tbh at this very moment I’m not much concerned with how things should work. That’s a discussion for another day. Right now, I’m just trying to help people fix an immediate issue and get into war.


and this I appreciate. thank you for your efforts.

#whatamess is what it is anyway.

Try 15 wars in our region…

I did but I got the canned answer

“I’ll share this information with the team and we will investigate to know what happened. We need to find out what caused this in the first place to determine why it went that way. I’ll be resolving this ticket but rest assured that this will be looked into.”

I literally can’t even open the app and “support” gives no f’s.

Thank you

Good work LG! :ok_hand:t3:

thank you so much @LadyGeek for doing work here it it very much appreciated knowing you arw not being paid for this effort it is very frustrating still to have myself and many of my faction group friends still not having any access to the game i am very much hoping that a fix is being put in soon or we are very sad to have to just give up on this game that has made so many friends and so much fun


We’re over 50 wars behind.


Pretty much same here…too much to make up i’m afraid.

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my tech support at work always recommends resetting 4 times
try that

Doesn’t work for iOS but at least your trying to help

Kookland has human feelings?
Thats something new

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