So.....are we just pretending this last war didn't happen?

Did anyone from Scopes make any statements about how they screwed everything up this weekend? Nice poll by the way! Really glad u took that seriously!


They compensated us. Isn’t that enough? /sarcasm


Someone needs to tell them where to shove those 3 bronze mod boxes …


I liked my 4 war cans to be fair. The bronze mods…not so much


Yet, missing half a faction or a few teammates and ending war about 15 places lower than normal is a totally fine thing to happen these days


Radio silence on here, radio silence on discord. Bet those super exclusive line groups are still getting the half baked cookies though eh @JB.Scopely

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Yessir we are

War cans, bronze mods, silver mods. All trash tbh.

Yea, haven’t you heard?

what war? when?

The General idea with most mobile app companies is to stay radio silent, release something new and wait for all this to blow over ( shawn of the dead style )

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  • They start it 15 minutes early. (Must have had a hot date on Friday night)
  • It’s extremely broken, people report it immediately.
  • Poll is put up, and utterly disregarded. (I mean really, what was the point in this?)
  • A ‘fix’ is put in, breaks game even more for some people to the point they can’t log in.
  • Scopely tells people to report to customer service if they’re still having issues because their ‘fix’ has resolved all issues.
  • Scopely turns out the lights in the office
  • Update for iOS is out, again, breaks more people’s game.
  • All.weekend.long people are reporting to customer service about the broken game (either can’t get in to war, can’t log in at all, or various other issues of the game crashing.)
  • Monday rolls around, and the only thing that I saw posted regarding the shambles of the weekend was G.R. telling people to report it to customer service so they can narrow down the issue.

Here’s where my confusion lies… If people were opening tickets all weekend long , (which I have no doubt customer service was being blown up) would they not have the information already to figure out where the problem was? They release a fix AND an update, and many people can’t log in/war/do anything. It honestly boggles my mind that they keep doing this. (Edit - It doesn’t boggle my mind because Scopely, but it does boggle my mind because Common Sense.


Even better on top of that.
If you ain’t in a TOC region then guess what there will be no war milestones for you in the Piper event. Once again screw everyone that choose to not take part in the TOC.
But hey come buy your subscriptions back for some toons that will take for ever to get. Big promises again and another let down.
Way to drive people away…
#Players United
#Dont let this continue

You have a voice use it

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I have a friend who has spent alot of money and time on this game. He is in a top faction and has been locked out since the debacle called last crw. Support no help so he will be quitting how many more does it take for scopely to listen. It was nice to get some rewards but should have given war tokens as well since some didnt even get to war at all. Wake up and see what’s happening to your game. Really show players you care

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Dude you need to find something better to do with your time. You’re not even a good Troll.

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Women just want attention

Scopely is pretending this war didn’t happen as well as the players affected by there bugs. I guess there player base is supposed to act like nothing happened as well. Just sad.

Meh…i moved on