So are the walker tookens replacing the premier pulls?

why hasn’t there been new promos ? Having the new ones in the walker token is totally unfair to f2p

Keep your money, the game is dying anyway

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sad but true

Also my thoughts, especially because of the shop offers

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I could see having it a temp thing sure. but this is insane 1st they take away coins from the Leagues, than they change level up rewards to bs stuff, now this. It’s getting harder and harder to be a free player. I’m a student i can’t waste money on this. Scopley purge this, personally i actually do open on promos when i have enough coins

Possibly a test. Peddle out new premiers that you have to spend to pull for, and if you want to use coins to pull, it’s going to be for older characters.

The thing about this way to release new premiers, you are not able to use your coins for pulling

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yes and that’ the problem. I mean some of the older characters aren;t bad but still. once again free players are screwed over. They should at least increase the odds

coin loader issue ?

This is also a big scam 25€ for a 10 pull and 84€ für 25 pulls

I think he means buying coins via VK


Meh… Won’t get to finish it… Again

They will add coins back to leagues now. Lol. Premiers get moved to walker tokens? Who cares what we have coins for. Lol

okay, so ban people who do that. Or code so people can’t do it. although that would be hard

Both wheels are rigged imo already did one pull on valentine wheel got a red decap Abe

If they do this I’d probably quit

Saving my coins and pulling for premiers is almost the most fun I have with the game. Guess I have a gambling problem lol

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so does cheeky cheese. think about it

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