So any news about a halloween event?


Really hoping a halloween event happens!


Yeah sure … you buy a bunch of stuff and then you don’t receive the rewards … trick or treat :joy:


Lol I got tricked this year haha


Keep Survivor


@JB.Scopely would be like all the compensation has been givin out trick or treat


Lol don’t let them run amuck on the best holiday of the year.


@JB.Scopely o would be like sorry guys I did my best oh you didn’t get the Halloween offer with 10 free shield revive 6 stars … oh too bad it was a glitch on our end trick or treat though


Why talk about JB like that? Theres only so much he can do when it comes to the game. He can bring ideas, but its up to the bigwigs to follow through


Truth hurts yeah


Yep there is you get Harlan


Jb said something about something SPOOCY coming up if im remembering correctly


The only spooky thing here is how many overpriced offers we get spammed with


He said SPOOPY. I remember because as most on here will guess it’s probably going to be pretty poopy.


Last year was a ‘sale’ for Sawyer toons and other similarly gruesome. Is that what you want?


Hopefully some free epics.
I think that would be cool.
Maybe like with how the rake thing is now


Prob give out some free 3 star toons :joy:


You jinxed it. Cmon


JB said there is something planned so fingers crossed it’s not a complete p2p event.


tbh, i doubt they’ll paywall nonascendable epics


Sadly all Scopely knows is pay to play and fee to play so I doubt it will be a free event.