So about the new Rick


Good to see that the new 4* Rick is ready.


Exactly what we need another 4⭐️s because ya know their just so op in the 6⭐️ era and not at all completely useless


Absolute joke…15th year anniversary…hugely special character, oh here you, a 4*


That is a 5* that’s marked as a 4* look at the skill points. I think they did that so no1 can ever ask for him to be ascend


You realize they have done this for the past few characters right?


I get the point of throwback roadmaps. But we don’t need throwback rewards. A 5* would be nice though


Meh use him in SR on walker stages other then that can’t see myself wasting much gear on him


They should make him accendable. We could use a decent ranged Rick.


They don’t have time to make ascendables but have time to waste on a worthless 4*


924 attack for a 4* is pretty insane