So, About The Earlier Released Ascendable Premiers


Since you fellas are less likely to make them the new promos due to the upcoming premiers from “Rise To Power”, it would be an amazing idea to go back to what things used to be: Insert those characters as Top Ranked event rewards.

Especially for an event such as War or Cross Region War, where players need to put more effort than in Level Up, Raid and Survival Road altogether. This would lighten things up for the company’s side, too, allowing players to trust you back.

Just insert three of these ascendables for Top 1, Top 2-5 and Top 6-10 as rewards for the next war.


Didn’t they have the gator and Glenn stash while another promo was up? They’re probably do it the same way


They will never put the top tier toons as war prizes. No one would pull if they knew Erika and the like would be a prize at some point. They can’t offer up one every crw either because it won’t take long to run out of toons that they would be willing to give away. Then people wont be happy if the same 4 or 5 are always the prize. Then we will hear how tired people are fighting for another Mira or Carl. You get tokens or nuggets. Finishing top 3 gets you way more then everyone else. That’s the reward.

What they should be doing is adding a new wheel that only has the f2p ascendable 5 stars in it. Create a new token and give that out for war prizes. This is what needs to happen because the 5 star wheel is full of almost nothing but fodder and I can see how no one wants to go all out for this. However never expect to get the best of the best right now without paying for it. That’s just not smart business.


It would seem like having these people be promos instead of ranked rewards lean towards not only whales investing thousands of dollars in this game but also the casual spenders who may buy from time to time like during sales or if a legendary character is up for purchase.