So about territories POLL


  • Territories are working perfectly
  • Territories never mattered to me, so don’t care
  • Terrs should NOT offer league points, period
  • Give league points for killing walkers too
  • Give league points for defending/holding terrs too

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I’m unsure if this has been done recently, but let’s please make our opinions known regarding the territory issue of walkering them for league points. Perhaps @JB.Scopely could monitor this thread and provide feedback to our mighty Scopely overlords.

This is what they look like in Barrow right now.


That’s what they look like in most regions now a days. Some days people give a damn and others that they don’t . Scopes doesn’t care unfortunately. It’s a shame, I have friends in Barrow and wish they didnt have to deal with this crap too.


“Territories are working perfectly”


Yep. And global is literally filled with ‘why did they dump terros blah blah’ seriously. It’s stupid as.

Oh btw, hey @Macs13 :wave:


Are you guys getting this? @Shawn.Scopely @JB.Scopely

This little oversight has utterly ruined a major feature of the game and Scopely is just staying silent on it…


i dont even open territory map, only when faction want me to place teams. terris doesnt matter to me


Do you not craft weapons or try in tourneys? That’s not a dig, just a question… Crafting is better with the crit terrs, level ups with factory and n train, etc… Better chance to win.

Or are you saying that since terrs became a clusterf*ck, you can’t be arsed anymore?


Anybody else want to get their two cents in?

The results are interesting. I assumed no points for terrs makes the most sense, but judging by the poll, nobody really likes territories, but instead see it as a good farming ground for league points. :grin:


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