Snowman tokens and free offer?!

Something free from scopely? :thinking:

Beware! The stash is a joke! The price of the snowman tokens go up fast!

Capture _2019-12-13-12-46-25

What is included in the stash is a joke!
You will end up spending hundreds to get a 5* weapon, only 1 of those weapons is worth a damn with the elusive impair but you are better off crafting a 4* weapon, upgrading it to a 5* weapon as you will get better stats.

Thanks for the free energy i guess :man_shrugging: first offer for $1 was bought with google opinion rewards, still f2p. :wink:


Weapons stash already up

Here’s hoping we get a snowman every day!! Would be nice.

The stash is up…weapons parts with a “chance” at a 5* weapon box

oh goodie more things i get to miss out on :sob: :sob: :sob:

Hopefully a wheel with gear… or a wheel that only has more snowman tokens. Perpetual meaningless pulls. :thinking:

Stash wheel

keep dreaming… the stash is only up for a week, err 4 days!!!
but it is nice to receive something for free


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Nope. The offers go up rapidly. I’ll NEVER understand why they involve so much CRAP in these stashes. 6k four star weapon tokens? How dumb.

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Capture _2019-12-13-12-46-25

Stash is a rip off. The price doubles for the tokens and you will get 4* weapon tokens, you’ll end up spending hundreds for a 5* weapon and only 1 of those weapons is somewhat good with elusive impair but has a bad 4th slot, you are better off upgrading a 4* weapon to 5* as you can get more stats/a better/stronger weapon.

Such a shame they included all the garbage in there. Oh well. Next.

I only bought the 1st offer got a blowtorch and varnish considered that a win and stopped


Another trash and paid event,damm,we are near Christmas and make this event that you only get the remaining chips for Paying

Tis the season to give… When i say give, i mean give scopely all your money, that is their motto :rofl:

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I mean the cans were decent lol but yea, they need to bring the daily logins back.

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Another un announced event with zero communication, information. Just throw it in and job done. Thanks for the free refills, and the 50k armory token on pull, but thats it for me. The stash is terrible full with useless items, 4 star tokens etc. And those 5 stars are really bad, only the last one is medicore. I hope you will hive that free snowmsn every day till the stash up.

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Players: give us something free
Scopely: okay, here you go
Forum: free stuff sucks

I’m just gonna say 3 words free hundred torches


Hey I got gators knife, Kelly’s shovel and another Lucille for free. Plus 100 torches and 2 refills each. I’m pleased as punch! Thanks scopes! Its a nice gesture!


Not sure a stash is worth an announcement. Wouldn’t call it an event.


this wapons its a trah compare to 5 star guns

Not me!! I’m happy with what I get. Those torches are putting me way closer to Aarav! Lol. I only need 300 to claim him. With what I have saved I can do the 130 rm and claim the 30 so that’s about 3-4 days from pulling him. Plus I got free weapons! And refills! I ain’t looking a gift horse in the mouth! Thank you Scopely! Screenshot_2018-10-24-14-41-38-1