Snowflake Stash S-class for SALE

I’m sure this is not a P2P stash for a Straight up S-class as Scopely said this would not happen, tell me I’m right @GR.Scopely please


When did they say that?

Go to the offers, and read the Snowflake stuff.
That explains all.

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Maybe they had their fingers crossed when they said that no PTP S class toons

It’s a p2p event … login daily with ur money to claim ur guaranteed s class lol … here , read what the offer says

Really you want me to find it, common knowledge as stated by Scopely S-class toons will not be sold but earned through collections bruh

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technically thats true. You dont pay for the s class toon

Found it, please explain @GR.Scopely


And you believe them? Man… Don’t be naive…
They’ll milk every time they can.


No technically about it, a S-class is for sale


I am shocked, i wouldnt have imagined how greedy they can be


lol, “release of future S Class shall be much slower and rarer”



Pretty nice… Now, they will gave her to everyone in a month or so, as a museum collection, first as 5* ascendable, and then as S-Class after you spend 2 full 6* versions.

Same shit as ever… It’s really frustrating…
Can’t wait to burn the rooster and uninstall after they put a shitty event for Xmas.

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Ahem pushes glasses up Technically the tokens are for sale, not the toon. XD

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Pulls glasses down, rolls eyes lol


Please remember to PM me when the Gate happens


Game play methods probably includes opening your wallet and spending.

Ho ho ho, merry credit card!

they have lied about a lot of stuff in relation to toons.

6*s will never be pullable from the character wheel only obtainable through ascending older toons.

That soon changed.

All 5* will be acendable to 6*. Yeah right.

S class.

You wont be able to pull the toons directly from the wheel only the trade in items. (this only happened for pete)

Then it was you could pull them from the wheel and trade in 2 6* and 2000 collection items for the S Class. so it was 4k items to get the 6* and 2k to get the s class as you can see in the musem now if you look at priya. (10k collection items needed in total)

Then they realised hang on people can get lucky on a few 10s or 2 40s and they would get 2 6s and more than likely be close to 2k collection items. cant be having that itll affect our bottom dollar

So they then flipped it to 2k items needed for the 5*s and 6k collection items to get the S Class.

When JB was questions about it he said “it still adds up to 10k collection items needed in total so its still the same”

No its not, not no where near the same.

Last 2 S class wang and dairyu both stated in the official coms that there would be a collection for having the toon and 500 collection items, but this was edited out of the coms for it. First time they just ignored everyone, the last one GR did at least say he has edited the post.

And another good one. Plushies will be re usable in the future so everyone saved them as romanov sucked ass. now all of a sudden its “we dont think they will be coming back”

As i have said before the only people i know that lie as much as scopley are my children.


Honestly pet hate being lied to :hugs: