SMG Weapon - ideas and opinions

Hey guys,

How do you craft your SMG for Louis ? I mean I tried for stun and got Defender level 1 - somewhere in between better def when attacked from an enemy with more hp is not that “bad” ur I guess when going def I would have more satisfaction with adding def to it and upgrade it maybe, but how do you modify a SMG? Are u always going for defender 3 or do you have other preferences like splash damage, more crit in a lot 3? Or you just simply add more atk to it / defense and upgrade the standard crit on it allready? Let me hear your opinions :slight_smile:

Who’s your lead?

All of them are at tier3 not 4 yet…

But Ofc - I didn’t mention that :slight_smile: sorry… here’s some pics

Do u have blue Andrea?

Nope - so I don’t have ap on lead :slight_smile:

Stun forever and always! Keep going till you get stun

I’m Adding huge to this one atm, what do you think of that weapon:

While you’re working for a stun gun I would first build one that has attack on it. With dwight u should have enough crit bonus that the disarm should work almost every time

30 crit, huge AP, 30 attack

Must have huge ap

Dwight lead:

Okay, once one armory is done I’ll go for:

  1. Add atk
  2. Huge ap
  3. Upgrade either atk / crit


If u like the self healing that’s fine. I try to kill fast so I would add something to boost attack. I have a weapon I use quite often that has trait advantage and it deals decent amount of damage

Oh it’s that dwight. I was thinking of the other one

Hehe no no - that’s this Dwight :slight_smile:

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Crit, huge AP, bonus crit since it’s that dwight. Then I’d work on a different weapon that has stun

Ofc - killing faster it’s the main focus - always :slight_smile: and maybe self healing is not that ideal for Louis as he strikes for the most first! But his rush kills for the most also ha ha :slight_smile: I tested it and he heal 100% him self after 2-3 kill

The most important part about Louis is the disarm. How hard he hits comes second. That’s how I have my Bruce set up

Don’t forget the increase crit chance mods

Ofc - it’s his speciality…

That extra crit - is it to make sure he disarm or it also gives attack bonus ?