Small Request (15chars)

With the return of Dylan cards (via anniversary black market), can you just add a collection for 5* Dylan in the museum. For those who didn’t participate in the “Hell Hath No Fury” event (that was the name, right?) or those who didn’t obtain a second Dylan from the hell wheel?

I ask because I personally like Dylan’s kit and would like to use him but figured like with past events like it he wouldn’t return until he was severely outdated (which it could be argued it has).

For those who don’t want him could just ignore the collection like you do with 85% of the s-class characters, and those who want him this could be a source of 5* copies for s-class.


In the same vein as this, the Malcolm collection from museum Comics 17. I picked that collection once but would love to be able to pick up another 5* Malcom so I can get his s class.

please find a way to make all S class available, thank you!


I like the Malcom / Malcolm naming ambiguity you sneaked in there :smiley:

Technically, the toon is named “Malcom”, but throughout his roadmap, he was always spelled “Malcolm” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But in all seriousness, I would suggest to scrap s-class museum and instead do an “Sclass tower” in the locked part of town… it would serve the same purpose as museum, but strictly differentiating the 5/6* version and S-class on separate tabs, with the option to lock either (no more mistakes in claiming).

All S-class toons would be listed, so you can always check out the stats/skills on exclusives and event toons such as Georgia, Steve, the gold Brick toons you have not claimed, etc…

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Or just use the existing tower. Lots of space for tabs on the side there…

Yes, but I want a new building, so that they unlock the north part of town, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Last time they added a new building (the mod one) they didn’t unlock more of the town, just found some extra unused space. If they were to add a new one now, they would probably move the mod building toward the fence a bit (should fit alright) and put something new behind the town hall/tower.

That extra chunk of town has been sitting around so long I just assumed it was too walker filled to be taken over.

Also yes, long live malcom! Let me finish that collection!

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