Small players had enough!

Hi scopely, i hope you actualy read this post. You have released new territories for get extra gear, extra colections objects, liliths, etc. But this event is only for TOPS factions and TOPS player who had the most powerfull defenses and with only 03 teams can get the territory for hours and hours, sadly the lower levels factions did not get any benefit out of this… sad to know that yu always think in TOP players and the ones that are trying to grow here are stoped by the dificult of every single event… a class S for a lower player (besides the one given free) are almost impossible… more than a year will take and surely i will not get any class S… mean while tops factions get individuals events for themselves and collects the keys the ice cones etc… This is stupid you sell fun and frustation is not fun… win veterans rings is too hard i get always lower teams and can get high scores my team is strong but now is weak with the rings that others players got… is very unalanced this game…


Lol yeah, these terries are pretty great

Scopely is hiding from the community at the moment Mimo. Many of us have been waiting days for a response about fixed odds and buckets. I hope they respond to you but please don’t hold your breath


This costs alot of energy, but…
Hit the defence. If you take a character out without decap, flee. That will count for that toon as a loss. If you hit with enough people, even the best defences can be brought down slowly

Top faction have OP roster, They will Just put other defense in

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Yes this once again is widening the gap.

I know, that why I said it takes energy and planning. It can be done

Top factions are the top for a reason.
That’s very unlikely to ever change.

And as a member of my regions top faction I think these territories are amazing. We’ll be the only people in our entire region with Laopo at this rate. It’s ace

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