Small addition :)

Is it possible to get some kind of text to show on this screen on what we’re adding? For example, ‘Defender 3’ ‘30% Defense’ may sound stupid but would make sense


It wouldn’t hurt for sure but how do you forget what you were attempting to do in a 24-30 hour span? My mind is total crap for the most part but it’s not that far gone yet. :wink:

Hope your crafts get you want you were looking for!


It’s not that I forget, it’s just sometimes I think “what if my dumbass added HP instead of DEF?” Lol

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Been there. Like after getting impair to stick and then going for huge ap and being paranoid that I put it in the third slot. It’s maddening but even if we did make a colossal blunder like that and it showed us we did wouldn’t it still be too late to fix it?

What we need is weapon crafting insurance. For only $9.99 a month… :wink:

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Hahaha… Watch it be an monthly pass 2.0. Accept or reject an upgrade.

Yeah man. I get paranoid like that with thinking I’ve replaced a slot! It hasn’t happened yet but I feel like I will do it by mistake eventually lol

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I’m just glad they finally gave us the ability to lock our weapons. That was one of the best feature updates to come since I started playing. I definitely lost a nice combat shotgun once when I was mass disassembling way back in my early days.